Discover the World of Luxury Smart Homes

Discover the World of Luxury Smart Homes
Discover the World of Luxury Smart Homes

Luxury Smart Home in India has become the epitome of modern living, offering unparalleled convenience, comfort, and sophistication. Smart Home World gives you a holistic view of the growth drivers, latest advancements and more…  

Imagine a world where your every desire is effortlessly fulfilled, where technology seamlessly integrates with your art of living. You walk into your home and the ambiance is perfectly tailored to your mood – subtle lighting casts a gentle glow, while your preferred playlist softly fills the air, creating an ambiance that resonates with your emotions. This seamless symphony of smart technology, home automation, Smart lighting and control, and cutting-edge entertainment, including multi-audio setups and state-of-the-art home theaters, culminate in the epitome of opulence – the Luxury Smart Home.

For those who are not familiar with this new-age concept, Luxury Smart Home, combines advanced technology, personalisation, convenience and elegance, providing homeowners with an unrivaled living experience. These homes offer a range of benefits and features that caters to the unique needs and preferences of affluent homeowners, creating a luxurious lifestyle. 

Discover the World of Luxury Smart Homes

Luxury Smart Homes as mentioned earlier are integrated with smart technology, smart automation, lighting, security and high-end home theatre. Plus, they are programmed in such a way that they manage your home’s functions right from adjusting the temperature, raising or lower motorised shades with elegance, and controlling the natural light that bathes your interiors to create a perfect cinematic ambiance with a dedicated home theater all these can be customized and timed to operate as per individual preference.  

Just to clear the misconceptions, between Smart Home and Luxury Smart Home, if Smart Home is about the integration of technologies and devices into a residential space to create a more efficient, convenient, functional living environment.  Luxury Smart Home takes this concept and integration of smart technology and automation to a new level, by seamlessly integrating advanced smart technologies to create a very personalized ambiance to state-of-the-art security where technology harmoniously creates a lifestyle that is luxurious, secured and effortlessly interconnected.

With a growing number of high-net-worth individuals in India and an expanding upper-middle-class segment, there has been an increase in demand for Luxury Smart Homes. Another important factor is the rapid urbanization and the adoption of a modern lifestyle that has led to an increased interest in demand of such integrated luxurious homes.  

“Homeowners have realized that smart technology not only adds cosmetic value to their home but also helps in making life more comfortable. Hence, smart technology and smart home automation have become the heart of design and architecture. Previously, homebuyers considered big homes with opulent interiors and amenities at prime locations to be luxurious. However, today, buyers are looking at improving their quality of life by using smart home automation. They are now insisting on using technology to enhance their lifestyle. Where smart technology was once seen as ‘fun to use’ it’s now a necessary component for an efficient and thriving lifestyle for premium high-end homes.” says Rupesh Baid, And Design Co.

Seamless integration of design and smart technology 

In luxurious smart homes, aesthetics and design play a significant role. Hence, advanced high-end smart home solutions have to seamlessly blend with the interior design of a home. With the plethora of brands offering innovative solutions, there are new-age user interfaces that have evolved, with touchscreens, mobile apps, and even customizable interfaces that can be configured as per the homeowner’s preferences. Remote access and monitoring have become standard features in luxury smart homes. Homeowners can monitor and control their homes from anywhere in the world using smartphones, tablets, or dedicated remote controls. This level of convenience and control has contributed to the appeal of having a Luxury Smart Home. 

Another emerging trend in this segment involves incorporating technologies that support the health and well-being of occupants. This can include advanced air filtration systems, circadian lighting that mimics natural light patterns, and even integrated wellness spaces like home gyms and spa areas with advanced tech features.

Working and Integration 

When it comes to Home Automation for luxurious spaces, wired solutions are preferred over others. A centralised controller serves as the brain of the home automation system. It manages and coordinates all the connected devices and allows homeowners to control and automate various aspects of their home, such as lighting, HVAC, security, entertainment, and more. A wired lighting control system, A wired HVAC control system manages heating, ventilation, and air conditioning throughout the home. It enables precise temperature control and scheduling for optimal comfort and energy savings. KNX is considered one of the best and most reliable wired protocols. As we are all aware, KNX is an open, global standard for home and building automation, and it is widely used in high-end residential projects. Some of the advantages provided by KNX are interoperability, stability and robustness, scalability, longevity, secure communication, a wide range of devices and trained professional installers and integrators.

The range of customization options available in luxury home automation is extensive, allowing homeowners to create a smart living environment that aligns perfectly with their unique preferences, lifestyles, and design aesthetics. From tailored control interfaces to bespoke automation packages for each room. Custom voice control interfaces also support multiple languages to cater to homeowners from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Innovative Solutions Offered by the Brands

The entire ecosystem of the Smart Home is broadly segregated into zones right from Automation Control, Lighting Control, Security and Entertainment that includes AV and Home theatres and more. Some of the leading brands and solution providers share their insights on their product range and how they can help homeowners enhance the overall experience. 

Brands and Solutions 

Jubin Thomas, Territory Sales Manager- India & Subcontinent Region at Lutron Electronics, says, “HomeWorks by Lutron is the premier lighting and shading control solution for luxury homes. The new HomeWorks QSX processor makes it easier to design, install, activate, program, and service. The custom-engraved and exclusive switches, remotes, and keypads elevate the home’s design with extraordinary finishes and aesthetics.  For example, our Alisse wall controls have a hand-crafted metal collection in polished, brushed and painted finishes to match a wide range of luxury home styles. Lutron’s pioneering low-voltage and whisper-quiet automated shades provide glare reduction, UV protection, and privacy control for a luxury lifestyle. HomeWorks offers an array of wired and wireless products to curate the best living environment for new and existing homes.” 

Another brand that adds another level of sophistication when it comes to seamless control is Casadigi. Explaining the working of the smart Platform Muskan Salgia, V P Residential Digivalet says, “Casadigi is a smart platform personalized to your needs, that runs your home seamlessly. Our core offering can be split up into two parts – a resident experience App that can be installed on residents’ personal devices and an integration platform that communicates with all the devices in the home. With minimal hardware deployment needs, the integration platform installed in each home is connected to all AV devices and automation systems.”

Havells’ Crabtree a renowned and reliable brand offering innovation solutions in this segment offers Crabtree BusPro, explaining the features of this solutions Vivek Yadav, EVP, Havells India Ltd. says, “Crabtree BusPro solution is a wired automation platform that works on a proprietary Bus communication protocol and KNX, offering a highly adaptable and scalable solution. It includes infrastructure devices, controllers, relays and actuators, dimming controllers for all leading dimming technologies, and HVAC communication controllers for controlling different kinds of air conditioning technologies.” 

Smart Lighting and Controls

The lighting control in a luxury smart home goes beyond basic illumination. It encompasses a range of functionalities that elevate the living experience, from creating a personalized ambiance to improving energy efficiency and security. The integration of lighting control with other smart home systems ensures a seamless and holistic approach to modern luxury living.

Hybec, one of the renowned and trusted brands when it comes to Smart lighting, offers innovative solutions. Sharing his views on the same Haresh Manshani, Founder and Director, Hybec says, “We offer a range of smart home automation solutions tailored specifically for the Smart luxury home. One of our key offerings is smart lighting control systems, which will allow homeowners to have complete control and automation over their lighting through a centralised smart device. With this technology, you can easily adjust the brightness, colours, and timing of your lights, enabling you to create different moods and scenes to suit any occasion. Our solutions also include lighting scenes and presets. These features allow you to customise and program different lighting configurations for specific activities such as dining, entertainment, or relaxation. We understand that personalization and customization are incredibly important in luxury homes, which is why our solutions offer a wide range of options.” 

Zencontrol is a modern lighting control brand that offers fully compliant and certified DALI and DALI version 2 technology. Their Smart Touch Switch are beautifully designed and stylish with an anodized frame and glass faceplate. These switches with a glass faceplate provide an option to personalise where the user can laser etch or screen print with a label of their choice. The aluminum frame acts as a guide to ensure quick alignment and easy attachment. The Audio feedback with an inbuilt speaker provides user feedback with a selectable button press and dimming sound, and visual and audio warn indicators to alert users before the lights turn off.

Philips, another leading brand in the lighting industry, offers new Smart LED COB. This COB is designed to simplify your lighting experience and can be controlled using voice commands or the WiZ App, without the need for extra switches or equipment. The COB is available in two elegant colour options – Black-Rose Gold and White-Silver that can seamlessly integrate with the interiors. Plus, the deep recess and minimal trim for a focused and bright 36-degree beam, make it a perfect option for accent lighting. With the latest SpaceSense technology from WiZ, the COB instantly responds to movements, turning On when one enters a room and Off when the user leave the room. The COB is also equipped with timers and schedules, making it easy to set up and operate. 

Another important solution is the state-of-the-art Wall Controls that add a touch of bespoke elegance to every corner of a luxury home. Most of the brands offer sleek designs that seamlessly integrate into any sophisticated interiors and effortlessly complement the overall decor.

EKINEX an Italian company that specialises in home and building automation based on the KNX standard offers Signum, a new line of wall controls that offers a high level of customisation and maximum usability. Signum features a borderless IPS touch display, which can be customised via a dedicated App to create virtual buttons with personalised functions and graphics. Each button’s position, symbols, and lettering can be modified even after installation. The EKINEX tool app configuration page allows users to customise virtual buttons, adjust display brightness, access a library of 120 symbols and enable haptic feedback with sensors and standby time. The Ekinex 20VENTI Deep series allows control and dimming of lighting devices and has a room thermostat function with room temperature detection via an integrated sensor.

Heightened Security Measures in Luxury Smart Home 

High-end smart homes require top-notch security measures to protect residents, property, and sensitive data. Integration of sophisticated smart cameras and surveillance systems that offer high-resolution video footage and 24/7 monitoring is a must for Smart Luxury Home. Dual-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring two or more forms of identification before granting access. 

Yale is part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, and they offer innovative solutions. Yale Assure Lock 2 series incorporates cutting-edge features and seamless compatibility. This lock is designed for effortless integration through the Yale Access App, boasting Bluetooth and Apple HomeKit support. The Assure Lock 2’s sleek, compact design presents modern aesthetics with fingerprint-resistant matte keypads, offering heightened security. With a diverse range of integration partners, these locks harmonize seamlessly with various smart home systems. “Whether you regularly host guests, hire a pet sitter, have a neighbour check on your house while you’re on vacation, or just want extra peace of mind when you’re not home, Yale Assure Lock 2 has your front door covered,” says Jason Williams, President of U.S. Smart Residential at ASSA ABLOY. 

 Basalte Home’s Adelante is the new luxury door phone, designed to make a lasting impression at your doorstep. Adelante offers sophisticated architectural design, sleek and customisable to match your aesthetic preferences. The door phone can be connected to the Lisa, Ellie and Lena displays and the Basalte App to see and talk to your guests, letting them in with ease. This luxury door phone is available for purchase through Smato Technologies.

Another important component of Smart Luxury Home is AV systems and home theatres, which play an important role in enhancing the overall ambiance of the space. There are various brands available in the market that provide an exceptional audio experience, often associated with premium materials, superior craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology. These systems are designed to deliver outstanding sound reproduction, immersing listeners in a rich and detailed audio environment. 

Focal Audio’s Kanta range is a series of high-end loudspeakers designed and manufactured by Focal, a renowned French audio company. Focal has incorporated several advanced technologies in the Kanta range, including their Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) suspension system and Infinite Horn Loading (IHL) technology. These technologies enhance driver performance and optimise sound dispersion for a more immersive listening experience. The Kanta range includes different models to cater to various listening environments and preferences. These models include the Kanta No.1, Kanta No.2, Kanta No.3, and Kanta Center. 

The Marquee Collection from Origin Acoustics offers a versatile, theater-quality experience for Smart Luxury homes. The front, side and rear channels are all complemented by dedicated extruded aluminum enclosures. The sound remains consistent whether you choose the On-wall or In-wall installation option. Available with both slim on-wall and nearly invisible in-wall configurations, they are easier to install than any other home theatre system in their class. The Marquee Collection is easier to install than any other home theater system in their class.

BenQ is a leading brand in the projector industry, offering innovative and high-quality projectors. The BenQ W4000i is a 4K HDR 4LED Immersive Home Projector that delivers impressive visuals and sound quality, with built-in Film maker mode to portray images as the director intended. The projector with a brightness of 3200 ANSI Lumens, provides clear and vivid visuals even in well-lit rooms. It supports 100% DCI-P3 and HDR10+ for accurate and vibrant colours, and has a 1.3x zoom with H+V lens shift for flexible placement options. The 2D keystone correction feature ensures that the image is always perfectly rectangular, while eARC support allows for high-quality audio playback from compatible devices. The projector also supports popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Overall, the future looks promising for luxury smart home in India revealing a landscape of unparalleled potential. Propelled by AI-driven insights, environmentally conscious breakthroughs, and a spectrum of seamlessly integrated features, luxury smart homes are poised to become an epitome of refinement, elevating the core essence of living a luxuriously, comfortable and secure lifestyle.

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