EAE Technology Presents Its KNX Universal Dimmer Actuator

EAE Technology products comply with international open standards such as KNX, DALI and TCP/IP. Introducing, the EAE KNX Universal Dimmer Actuator, with dimming functions which can be used by phase dimming only.

The device can be operated manually via a push button over the enclosure. Each channel can be programmed via ETS5. UD104 has 4 independent channels and 2 channel grouping features. UD106 has 6 independent channels and 3 channel grouping features.

Channel features of dimming actuator include:

• Staircase lighting

• Forced Operation

• Channel Grouping (merging outputs for higher power loads)

• Scene Function

• Electrical Measurements (Voltage)

• Error Detection (Load Error, Short-Circuit, Over-current, Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Over-heating )

Bus voltage fails and returns behaviour can be set via ETS configuration.

All of the above-mentioned features can be used together or separately, these features will be processed depending on priority.

About EAE Technology

EAE Group of Companies; started it’s journey within the electricity sector in 1973 as the EAE Elektrik Company. EAE, which has been growing rapidly since the first day of its establishment, has gradually expanded its production and fields of activity by incorporating EAE Lighting in 1983, EAE Machinery in 1996, EAE Electrotechnic in 2004 and EAE Technology in 2009.

Established EAE Italy for the sales and marketing operations based in Milan. This Followed by EAE Russia in 2013. With the addition of Moscow based company and its factory established, EAE became a manufacturer in the CIS region. By establishing EAE Germany, EAE Australia in 2019 and EAE America in 2019, it has gained momentum on its global activities. EAE Group carries on its activities in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standards.

Conformance of manufactured electrical products to the world standards is certified as a result of the tests conducted by KEMA and CESI laboratories. In addition to all these, we substantiate our innovative line of vision with over 30 patents, 300 brands and 100 industrial designs.

For more info please visit https://www.eaetechnology.com/

or visit https://www.vinshek.com/

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