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Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO of Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd., brings expertise and insights on the transformation of a standard home into a smart secure haven through value-added automation. In this article, he writes about the steps and solutions to elevate your living space into a technologically enhanced sanctuary.

All may agree to one simple fact there is no place like home in the world. ‘Home, Sweet Home’ is not just an old 18th-century opera song, but a common human necessity for shelter, comfort and convenience. Come rain or shine, home is a perennial need for human existence. It is as universal and old as the human civilization. With the advent of home security and automation technologies sweet homes are turning into smart homes.

The growing popularity of the Smart Home concept can be attributed to five segments that define the segment in a complete sense. These five segments are as follows: Security, Automation, Energy Efficiency, Comfort and Prestige.

Smart Technology Trends

The Smart Home phenomenon is driven by key technology trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, and many other Wi-Fi technologies. The Smart Home Concept is getting popular due to growing demand for automation, security and energy-efficient systems to realize the smart living experience. The customers are looking for convenience, comfort and prestige to add value to their homes and living experiences.

Attraction for Smart Living

The Indian Smart Home market is driven by the emerging young generations like millennials, generation Z, and Generation Alpha. Gen Z is currently the youngest generation, with millennials before and Generation Alpha after. This generation’s identity is defined by the digital age. These generations are causing a boom in the Smart Home segment by following smart living experiences and trends.

All-in-One Solution

In the Smart Home segment Hikvision has introduced a whole new approach to security with value added convenience, comfort and reliability. Hikvision All-in-one Indoor Station is the device with all the Smart Home Controls. Along with video intercom, it also serves as a home management center featuring visualized interfaces. With the built-in Hik-Connect App, users can control and link various Hikvision devices. The most important thing is that all devices can be managed with a simple tap on the All-in-one Indoor Station, it offers an easy integration option with third-party Android applications, adding new levels of convenience for users.

Smart Home Boom

The Smart Home concept is getting popular in the middle class and upper middle class. The builders are lapping up Smart Home concepts as one of the key USPs of the newly furnished flats on sale. The smart home segment is growing fast with new products and solutions. In Indian society, joint families are breaking away into a cluster of nuclear families, with the need for enhanced home security for elderly parents, women, kids and caretakers, the Smart Home market is growing faster than ever. The growing awareness about smart home products and connected devices has contributed a lot.

The awareness about Smart Home products and solutions is growing in metro cities and Tier-II towns across India. These developments are making the Smart Home a fast-growing trend. Currently, the key drivers of the Smart Home segment are security, convenience, and energy efficiency. As India is poised for a new growth phase in the Smart Home segment, smart security solutions are delivering value. The Smart Home systems, once used to be the favourite choice among the top tier class of society, now the young urban middle class is experiencing the Smart Home and Smart Living experiences. There are no barriers as far as the adoption of the Smart Home system is concerned. Flushed with disposable income, young urban professionals and couples are redefining the Smart Home trends. They are opting for automation, security and energy efficiency as a shared vision for a sustainable future.

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About the Author (Ashish P. Dhakan is a first-generation entrepreneur with rare foresight and zeal. He has raised the bar of the security industry in India by setting a new benchmark with Prama Hikvision).

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