Ergomotion Unveils Non-Contact Health Sensors For Smarter Sleep At CES 2022

The global leader of avant-garde adjustable bed base design and manufacturing, Ergomotion, unveils futuristic, premier Non-contact Health Sensors on display in-person and virtually at Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) CES 2022 Show. The sensors are capable of monitoring subtle body movements while users sleep and non-invasively capturing the core sleep issues like heart rate, respiratory patterns, and many more. 

“As the consumer electronic space constantly evolves, Ergomotion continues to develop innovative smart bed technology to enable full control of your sleep experience,” says Johnny Griggs, Chief Operating Officer, Ergomotion“Ergomotion is creating remarkable products that align with the new era of technology, one that will allow the adjustable bed base category to rise to the occasion and allow consumers to experience sleep enhanced by technology, data monitoring, and analyzation”, adds Griggs.

The Non-contact Health Sensors are integrated into Ergomotion’s latest sleep solutions:

Dawn House 

Designed to support consumers as they age, Dawn House enables users to proactively measure vital health indicators such as respiration, heart rate, snoring, and sleep quality to identify patterns and help manage their health. The data can be shared with the family through a mobile app for better health management. Every facet of the Dawn House sleep system has been thoughtfully designed so the user can greet every day with a renewed sense of vigor, vibrancy, and possibility. Also, the device can be controlled by voice commands, remotely or through the Dawn House mobile app. Dawn House comes with head and foot adjustment for the ultimate Zero-G comfort position, adjustable bed height, relaxation mode with built-in oscillating motors, motion-activated under-bed lighting, rise to wake settings, self-diagnostic tool, health sensors, anti-snore feature. 


With GARMIN watch connectivity, it is the first adjustable and smart bed. Designed for sportive, active and health-conscious customers, the premium adjustable and smart recovery system features a bed, mattress, pillow, and mobile app. ErgoSportive is expected to be available in 2022. Integrated Non-contact Health Sensors provide users with 24/7 customized data for ultimate recovery, exercise output, and sleep health. It effectively tracks calories burned while asleep and awake, stress levels, fatigue index, recovery index, body battery, nightly sleep movements, heart rate, respiratory rate. Also, ErgoSportive comes with an anti-snore feature. The all-new affordable Quest Connect adjustable bed base and framework, by Ergomotion, combines digital integrations and modern programmable features with smart home automation. The Quest Connect adjustable bed base is compatible with the Ergomotion Connected Bed Base mobile app using IFTTT. 

About Ergomotion

Ergomotion, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, is the largest manufacturer of adjustable bases worldwide. The company’s products are created to provide a holistic wellness solution infused with smart technology to enrich health, happiness, and wellbeing. Ergomotion’s adjustable bases are designed to accommodate the industry’s leading mattresses and to seamlessly integrate with existing bed frames. To learn more about Ergomotion visit

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