Eve to launch First Matter-Enabled Devices in April

Having been a pioneer of both the Matter and Thread standards, Eve Systems has now officially begun to roll out its first out-of-the-box Matter-enabled devices. Certified following the release of Matter in October 2022, now, models of the Eve Energy smart plug will come Matter-enabled out of the box, with Eve Motion and Door and Window sensors rolling out in April.

At that time, existing owners of these products will be able to upgrade their products to Matter using the Eve app for iPhone and iPad. Using the UL-certified smart plug, the company notes that users can remotely control lights and appliances via voice commands or an app, with integrations for sensor-based activity available, as well as energy monitoring for Apple households via the Eve App.

The company also highlights that by enabling motion or contact-based rules, the motion and door and window contact sensors are powerful options to automate the smart home’s lighting, heating and more. “We set off on our journey towards Matter in fall 2020 by introducing Thread technology to our product line, starting with Eve Energy,” says Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems.

“Today, after a remarkable effort of our teams, we’ve come full circle and put the first Eve Energy in customers’ hands that not only carries a Matter badge but also certification by the major smart home platforms.”

Originally bound to the Apple HomeKit ecosystem, Eve has been one of the first adopters of both the Thread and Matter programs, having participated in the testing and validation of the specification prior to its release in October. Shortly thereafter, the company certified all 14 of its Thread-enabled devices in preparation for Matter rollouts, opening the portfolio up to broader smart home ecosystems.

Users who have purchased Thread-enabled Eve devices in the past and want to leverage Matter to use them on additional smart home platforms will still need to use an Apple device, such as an iPhone or iPad, to download the associated app to push the upgrade.

The Matter-enabled smart plug is now available on the company’s website, Amazon and soon from Apple at a price of $39.95 (MSRP) (US). Eve Motion and Door & Window will be available at a price of $49.95(MSRP) (US) starting April 17.

For more information visit: https://www.evehome.com/en-us/matter

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