Finalists announced for the 10th annual Light Middle East Awards

Dazzling Excellence at Light +Intelligent Building Middle East 2024 Expo
Dazzling Excellence at Light +Intelligent Building Middle East 2024 Expo

As the countdown commences for the highly anticipated Light + Intelligent Building Middle East 2024 Expo, scheduled for January 16 to 18, industry enthusiasts eagerly await a convergence of groundbreaking innovations and celebrated achievements. This Expo serves as a nexus for industry leaders but also sets the stage for a captivating awards ceremony that recognizes exemplary contributions across the Middle East and beyond.

In a thrilling announcement, the finalists for the 10th annual Light Middle East awards have been unveiled, marking a momentous occasion in the industry. The heart of the event lies in the illustrious industry awards ceremony, meticulously crafted to honor and acknowledge the brightest talents making waves in the MEA region and on the global stage. Among the prestigious categories are ‘Project of the Year,’ ‘Product of the Year,’ and ‘Partner of the Year,’ featuring fierce competition with noteworthy nominees, including iconic landmarks such as Atlantis The Royal and the soaring Kingdom Centre Tower.

The spotlight shines on the ‘Project of the Year’ category, showcasing remarkable endeavors that push the boundaries of innovation. From groundbreaking architectural designs to sustainable initiatives, nominees exhibit a steadfast commitment to excellence, actively reshaping the industry landscape with their visionary contributions.

Taking center stage, ‘Product of the Year’ unfolds a panorama of revolutionary products poised to redefine the future of lighting and intelligent building solutions. Nominees present a diverse array of innovations, ranging from state-of-the-art smart devices to energy-efficient lighting solutions, captivating both attendees and judges with their transformative potential.


The spirit of collaboration takes center stage in the ‘Partner of the Year’ category, celebrating alliances that have significantly contributed to the success of projects and initiatives. This category emphasizes the pivotal role of fostering meaningful partnerships in driving innovation and progress within the industry.

For those seeking in-depth insights, additional information, and a comprehensive overview of the event, interested individuals are encouraged to explore the official Light + Intelligent Building Middle East website. This digital platform promises to provide a rich repository of knowledge, offering a glimpse into the groundbreaking developments and collaborative efforts that define this year’s expo.

As the stage is set for Light + Intelligent Building Middle East 2024, the industry anticipates a spectacle of excellence, innovation, and collaborative achievement that will leave an indelible mark on the landscape of lighting and intelligent building technologies.

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