Hafele Connect Mesh to Wirelessly Control Lights

Hafele Connect Mesh to Wirelessly Control Lights
Hafele Connect Mesh to Wirelessly Control Lights
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Hafele sets new standards with the launch of Connect Mesh, developed in-house for the individual control of light within interior spaces. The heart of the system is the specially developed Häfele Connect Mesh Chip, which uses Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to allow all system components to communicate wirelessly with each other by forwarding control information to other nodes via radio technology. This module is also integrated in all Loox lighting control components. Thanks to extensive encryption, the system enables secure communication between many devices simultaneously.

The Häfele Connect Mesh App for mobile devices is used for simple and intuitive configuration and control of Connect Mesh networks and lights. The App uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly control the lights in the room from dimming and colour changing to pre-programmed scenarios (different light sources can be grouped together and stored as a scenario), this includes controlling the colour of RGB lights or adjusting the multi-white colour temperature from the same app, remote or switch.

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The Häfele Connect Mesh System is future-proof with the ability to integrate smart devices and other Bluetooth functionality in a smart home environment in the future. Thanks to the plug-and-play design of Loox, the system can be added to existing installations easily at a later date.

For More Information: https://www.hafeleindia.com/en/

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