Haier Smart Home offers a revolutionary living experience through its Smart Home solution

Haier Smart Home offers a revolutionary living experience through its Smart Home solution

Haier Smart Home the world’s leading home appliance brand and smart home ecosystem builder, has unveiled a five-stage roadmap for the next phase of smart home development at AWE 2021, held from March 23-25 in Shanghai. Demonstrating its leadership in smart home scenarios, solutions and technologies, Haier’s plan will deliver a revolutionary experience for users across clothing, food, housing, entertainment and transportation.

The plan is a vast departure from the platform and device ecosystem adopted by industry players; instead, cultivating an ecosystem built upon scenarios. Haier breaks boundaries across hardware, software, technology and service to build an unbounded ecosystem that incorporates products for more than 300 scenarios in seven spaces. The connected Internet of Clothing, Food, Air, Water, Heating, Security, Lighting, Networking and Entertainment has united nearly 10,000 ecosystems and parties to become the world’s largest smart home scenario-based ecosystem.

Haier’s five-stage smart home development roadmap encompasses single-machine intelligence, collaborative intelligence between categories and spaces, decision-making intelligence, autonomous intelligence and ubiquitous intelligence at the home, community and city level, of which Haier has already reached stage three.

“At Haier, we have amassed over 36 years of knowledge from serving more than 180 million households, and gathered observations from tens of millions of connected devices. Our roadmap draws upon this insight and experience into the needs of household users, in order to usher in the future of connected smart home appliances,” said Wang Ye, VP and GM of Smart Home of Haier Home Appliance Industry Group.

Haier’s decision-making intelligent strategy incorporates full product customization across Haier’s brands and includes a vast library spanning more than 3,000 products. Haier Smart Home provides full-scenario living with 10 common living space scenarios and 7 whole-house scenarios, and all appliances and resources are integrated in a full closed-loop ecosystem to deliver truly customized and interconnected services.

For example, Haier’s air conditioner will automatically activate the sterilizing function based on the detected level of air pollution to remove seven types of common air pollutants, while releasing ten thousand negative ions to provide a healthy and comfortable air environment for the family.

On the eve of AWE 2021, Haier launched Smart Home OS 3.0, paving the way for a new era of industrial development. Haier’s latest operating system is built with the Haier Smart Home Brain and an open platform at its core. The ‘brain’, which is the key to making the smart home truly ‘smart’, harnesses 15 key technologies to achieve five key characteristics: ubiquitous, natural interaction, active adaptation, safety and security, and continuous learning.

Built specifically for developers, Haier Smart Home’s open platform is the largest of its kind centered around IoT products, applications and scenarios. The platform has one online channel, Haigeek.com, 10 research and development centers, hundreds of open capabilities, six types of services for scenario applications, and a wealth of network equipment categories. These enable partners to quickly innovate and promote services, applications and devices to the market; leverage Haier’s sales channels, and complete approval in under ten days.

In order to further support developers, Haier has also launched a developer empowerment program and established an alliance with leading companies such as Tencent, iFLYTEK and Allwinner. Haier is transforming to become a huge smart home ecological system though co-constructing a scenario-based network with ecological partners, and opening the platform that ensures more independent developers bring creative smart home service to the customers.

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