HDBaseT Alliance to Standardize High-Performance USB 3.2 Extension.

HDBaseT Alliance to Standardize High-Performance USB 3.2 Extension
HDBaseT Alliance to Standardize High-Performance USB 3.2 Extension

The HDBaseT Alliance, Professional AV’s largest interoperable ecosystem, is poised to once again revolutionize the industry with the ratification and standardization of long-reach extension of USB 3.2 connectivity. The pioneering effort addresses critical industry challenges by providing a professional-grade replacement to existing extension solutions that fall short with respect to cost, power consumption, distance, field-termination, stability, and support for all USB 3.2 data transfer types.

The new HDBaseT-USB3 standard is set to be implemented as an ASIC solution in the near future and will empower AV manufacturers for the first time ever to natively embed long-reach USB 3.2 and power extension into their products, ensuring high performance and reliable connectivity for up to 100m/328ft over standard, field-terminated, Category cable, at a significantly lower power, size, and cost. Additionally, the HDBaseT Alliance is committed to supporting the adoption of this groundbreaking technology through a comprehensive Certification Program, guaranteeing interoperability of devices irrespective of manufacturer.

Effi Goldstein, President of the HDBaseT Alliance, expressed excitement for the new development, stating, “What HDBaseT did for HDMI extension, we are now poised to replicate for USB 3.2. We are proud to offer a reliable and Professional-Grade extension standard with unparalleled performance and flexibility. USB 3.2 has rapidly become the go-to interface for devices commonly used in video conferencing, as well as in the medical, and industrial fields as evidenced by the proliferation of cameras and other USB-based peripherals that up until now required costly, inflexible, proprietary external FPGA or fiber-based solutions to extend them.”

The HDBaseT Alliance is gearing up to unveil the first demonstrations leveraging this innovative standard at the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe 2024 event in Barcelona, marking yet another significant milestone in the world of Professional Audiovisual connectivity.

For more information visit https://hdbaset.org/

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