Hikvision India introduces the latest NVR 5.0 to revolutionize the product experience

Hikvision India has recently introduced the latest generation of firmware for its network video recorders, NVR 5.0, leading the innovative change from traditional recorders to AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) NVR. The AIoT NVR takes intelligent operations, protection, connection, and application functionality to new heights, offering users an innovative, smart, and seamless experience.

Hikvision has been evolving the user experience with successive generations of GUI. NVR 3.0 provided the basic video management needs; NVR 4.0 introduced the new AI functions. The NVR 5.0 delivers a refreshing product experience for users with intelligent operations, offering a smooth UI experience with three vital aspects: intuitive live view, faster and smarter playback, and visualized real-time alarm and response.

Intuitive Live View
The new intuitive live view feature makes it easier for users to monitor the real-time channel status more clearly. Customized views can be created for different viewpoints and the system can be configured to meet the needs of multi-screen timed switching.

Faster and Smarter Playback

One of the highlights of the NVR 5.0 is the ‘AcuSearch’ feature. With this advanced new function, users can enjoy faster and more accurate video searches during playback. This innovative search capability allows users to focus on specific targets of interest with just one click, improving overall search efficiency. ‘Smart Search’ settings allow users to draw rule boxes or intrusion lines at the location of an event to quickly filter and easily identify targets entering a particular area. The ‘Slice Playback’ function enhances video retrieval still further by enabling users to visually locate the segments they want to replay. These features work together to improve overall search efficiency, helping users to quickly and easily find the information they need.

 Real-Time Alarm and Response

Real-time alarm and response have also been significantly enhanced with NVR 5.0. The one-stop event center provides centralized and visual displays of alarm events, enabling security operators to respond swiftly and effectively. The alarm popup feature – combined with event lists, screen views, and captured images – provides a seamless and closed-loop approach to addressing security incidents promptly.

Besides the intelligent operations, NVR 5.0 integrates automatic perimeter protection with self-learning by embedding an inference engine in the NVR. The self-learning perimeter protection adopts self-deployment with no manual intervention required. It combines reasoning and training into one with automated algorithm iteration, which greatly improves the accuracy of the algorithms and reduces the false alarms, while also requiring minimal user input.

Moreover, the NVR 5.0 offers intelligent connectivity capabilities by enabling direct access for a wide array of devices, enhancing convergence functions. It provides smart audio and video linkage for instant response and data storage, and also supports alarm, access control, and other AIoT application access, facilitating centralized management.

NVR 5.0 is also designed to integrate seamlessly with a diverse range of application scenarios to meet different management requirements and improve management efficiency. These applications augment its capabilities and versatility in different environments including entrance and exit management in single-lane scenarios, time & attendance, passenger flow and time-lapse photography.

For more information, please visit us at www.hikvisionindia.com

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