Hikvision India Launches the Eco IP Video Door Phone Series to Address Evolving Security and Communications Needs

Hikvision India, a leading provider of innovative security solutions, has announced the launch of its Eco IP Video Door Phone (VDP) DS KIS302 P Series to cater to the ever-evolving security and communication needs in the market. The VDP products address a crucial part of security, communication, and convenience needs for both residential and business sectors. They have evolved over time alongside the rapid development in technologies created for better and safer living environments.

The Eco IP VDP kit comes with one IP indoor station and one four-wire HD door station. It has a user-friendly control with a convenient touch screen, offers easy management via the Hik-Connect mobile client, and is more cost-effective. The doorbell requires no exclusive power supply, making installation easy.

The transition from analog to IP technologies has been significant in the VDP market. Traditional analog systems offer relatively poor audio and image quality and limited functionality. Although analog systems are often a more economical option, more manufacturers and installers have recommended their customers shift to IP-based VDPs for their wider range of capabilities – including higher image resolution, mobile control, remote operation, and a series of smart functions.

IP VDPs Bring a New Level of Convenience

Mobile control: IP VDPs let owners receive calls, play video, and open locks from anywhere with just a simple touch.

User-friendly interfaces: IP VDPs provide a user-friendly screen with a clearly visible interface, simple touch interaction, intuitive operation, and a multi-functional information display.

High image quality: IP VDPs provide excellent imaging with higher resolutions and wider fields of view. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and night vision are also supported to help users see clearly despite challenging light conditions.

All-in-one management: IP VDPs offer opportunities for integration with other security systems, such as video and alarms.

Hikvision’s IP VDPs serve a wide range of scenarios, including apartment buildings, single-family homes, and SMB offices. In residential applications, these advanced VDPs combine a better user experience with an elegant design to suit any decor, as well as a touch-friendly screen for easy operation. Users can remotely open doors and talk to visitors by simply tapping the Hik-Connect mobile app on their smartphone or tablet.

For business applications, Hikvision’s IP VDPs enhance safety levels and management efficiency with strong integration capabilities. Hikvision’s All-in-One Indoor Station Series controls and manages all Hikvision access control, video security, and alarm devices through the built-in Hik-Connect app. The product series can also be converged with third-party applications to satisfy customized or personalized needs.

“Hikvision India is proud to launch the Eco IP Video Door Phone Series that offers smart and convenient features for our customers. Our new product series has been designed with the latest technology to cater to evolving security and communication needs,” said Mr. Ashish P. Dhakan, MD and CEO of Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd. “We understand the importance of safety and security and have created a product that meets the demand for advanced security solutions.”

For more information on the Hikvision Eco IP Video Door Phone Series, please visit https://www.hikvisionindia.com/.

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