Hisense Unveils Innovative Home Appliances, ULED X TV, Smart Refrigerator, and Dishwasher at CES 2024

At CES 2024, global electronics and home appliance giant Hisense showcases how its range of home appliances, combined with the ConnectLife smart platform and VIDAA TV operating system, is transforming the way consumers interact with their homes. Whether through entertainment with ULED X TVs or smart screens in the kitchen, Hisense’s Smart Home seamlessly integrates scenario-driven technology with everyday consumer needs.

Hisense introduces breakthroughs in the Smart TV lineup, pushing the boundaries of LED technology:

98UX Mini LED TV: Featuring 10,000+ local dimming zones for precise light control and immersive contrast, with a powerful 5,000 nits of peak brightness.

110UX: A CES Innovation Award honoree, this Mini LED TV boasts a jaw-dropping peak brightness of up to 10,000 nits, incorporating over 40,000 backlight zones on a 110-inch screen for exceptional display precision.

75UX: Hisense’s thinnest Mini LED TV to date, with a depth of less than 14 millimeters and 5,000 dimming zones for unparalleled contrast.

CanvasTV: A display that blends technology with art and personalization, featuring a zero-gap wall mount for seamless integration into any living space. The heart of Hisense’s Smart Home lies in the interconnectivity between these Smart TVs and the innovative operating system, ensuring a seamless content experience.

Future of Smart Kitchen: Hisense’s smart kitchen introduces the new ProChef@Home, revolutionizing meal preparation with convenient and precise technologies.

4-Door Smart Refrigerator with VersaTemp Zone: Simplifying daily tasks by tracking food inventory, providing curated recipes, and seamlessly connecting with other smart devices. Noteworthy is the VersaTemp Drawer, transitioning effortlessly from a refrigerator to a soft freezer.

Smart Built-In Dishwasher with Autodose & AutoDry: A CES Innovation Award recipient, this liquid detergent autodosing dishwasher streamlines the dish-loading process, automatically dispensing detergent for a hassle-free cleanup.

In addition to ULED X and smart kitchen innovations, Hisense introduces Matter compatibility appliances, featuring the latest Auto Louver Smart Window AC at CES 2024. The display also showcases Hisense’s Smart Energy Management appliances, including smart washer/dryer and HVAC products.

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