In Conversation with Mr. Philip Crawford Director, Business Development, Alta Labs 

In Conversation with Mr. Philip Crawford Director, Business Development, Alta Labs
In Conversation with Mr. Philip Crawford Director, Business Development, Alta Labs

In a recent in-depth conversation with Smart Home World, Mr. Philip Crawford Director, Business Development, Alta Labs unveiled the brand’s latest game-changing innovation. Alta Labs, a trailblazer in networking technology, has released a groundbreaking product ranges, introducing the world to the next frontier in Wi-Fi management. Their two products AP6 and AP6-Pro Access Points. He also provides insights into how Alta Labs is set to reshape the future of networking technology.

Alta Labs, a dynamic and visionary brand founded in 2022, is here to redefine the way you connect, manage, and utilize your Wi-Fi systems. Alta Labs, offers the next generation of networking solutions. Their team of industry veterans combines decades of experience to deliver game-changing software and hardware designs. They have recently introduced two new product ranges featuring the AP6 and AP6-Pro Access Points. Powered by the Alta Labs Cloud Management Platform, they herald a new era of Wi-Fi management. They are soon gearing up to launch their switch products, including the S8-PoE, S16-PoE, and S24-PoE, each designed to cater to your unique needs.

Smart Home World gives you an overview of their innovative solutions.

Can you provide a brief overview of Alta Labs’ core products and services, highlighting their unique value proposition in the networking technology industry?

At our core, Alta Labs is creating revolutionary networking technology that is driven by our proprietary software and hardware designs. We are currently offering 2 models of Access Points and 3 models of Switches with many more products to come in 2023!

What sets Alta Labs apart from competitors in terms of technology innovation and product differentiation?

From a technology standpoint, we are doing many things that set us apart from the competition, such as the use of colours to quickly identify SSIDs, as well as our patented multiple password technology that creates an incredibly simple and reliable network. We are also leveraging pre-configured network types, such as Standard, IOT-Only, Guest, etc. that allow installers to quickly and effectively install our products.

Can you describe any recent developments or updates in your product lineup that have significantly impacted your market position?

We have been shipping our access points for several months now, and the feedback that we are receiving has been absolutely incredible. Now that we have begun to ship our switches as well, our customers will have the ability to manage their Alta APs and switches in the same management platform. This is crucial for customers who are looking for an entire ecosystem.

Our professional readers would like to know more about The Alta Labs AP6 Access Point.

The AP6 and AP6-PRO are best-in-class access points, from the hardware design to the free cloud controller, they are designed to perform. Our goal was to come to market with a product that is easy-to-install, quick and simple to set up, extremely reliable, and provides exceptional throughput and coverage. We believe that we have done that at a very aggressive price point.

Tell us about the Alta Labs switches.

We recently released our 8, 16, and 24-port switches. Aside from features like being cloud-managed, the ability to stack, and is easy to use, we also wanted to make sure that the switches ran cool and quiet, and had significant PoE budgets. In gathering feedback, we learned that most customers wanted to see switches with higher PoE budgets. With that information, we set out to make sure that customers would get a switch with a healthy PoE budget, and one that didn’t sound like a jet engine while it was running. The fans also do a fantastic job of keeping the switches cool.

What are the products/solutions that you plan to launch in the Indian market?

We are currently offering our access points, AP6 and AP6-PRO, as well as our switches, S8-POE, S16-POE, S24-POE. In 2024, expect to see a local controller, router, fully outdoor access point, directional access point, and a 48-port switch.

Could you provide insights into dealer distribution network expansion strategies, particularly in the Indian market?

The Indian market presents many unique opportunities for Alta Labs and will be a key focus for us moving forward. Currently, we are working closely with Electronics Mart India, (EMI). We have a long-standing relationship with Aarun Manssukhani and are excited to continue working with him and the Electronics Mart India team. We will focus on working with our distribution partners, as they build out their reseller and installer networks. We are committed to our partners and will work diligently to help them grow.

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