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OSUM Smart Electrical Solutions LLP.’s office cum experience centre located in Lower Parel, Mumbai displays its state-of-the-art product range, and also nurtures its `smart’ mission-driven culture
OSUM Smart Electrical Solutions LLP.’s office cum experience centre located in Lower Parel, Mumbai displays its state-of-the-art product range, and also nurtures its `smart’ mission-driven culture

OSUM Smart Electrical Solutions LLP. Needs no introduction. One of the reputed companies established in 1968 has over the years diversified into various verticals and today has established itself as one of the most trusted brands offering complete customized lighting solutions.  Over the years, OSUM has charted its own journey in the industry from manufacturing light switches to smart touch panels that can operate the entire space at a touch of the button.

Their corporate office cum display center is designed to provide visitors with an unparalleled brand experience, the space showcases the full range and depth of OSUM’s innovative product portfolio.

Right at the entrance, one can’t miss the sleek `Smart Switch’ that informs the office of your arrival, next the reception area has a sleek facial biometrics panel, which is deployed and implemented so there is no physical interaction with the visitors.  

Facial Recognition and Biometric Entry

The office welcomes guests with a refined, elegant atmosphere – where the seamless office has a waiting area, workstations, an elegant display section, and the Founder – MD Sachin Motwani’s cabin. From the reception area, one is ushered into the waiting area with a circular seating area, and a sleek LCD that gives the visitors a quick update on the OSUM product range. The circular reception area is at the centre and on both sides of the waiting area are the flexible collaborative workspaces. Here the wavy partition seamlessly merges with the work desk. The clutter-free work desks are truly admirable. One of the main highlights in this area is the smart switch that controls multiple functions right from controlling the lighting, window curtain and many more functions are operated at a click of a button. 

Waiting Area Under Tunable Lighting Fixture (Human Centric Lighting)

Apart from the skillful space planning and design, what is truly admirable is the use of Human-Centric Lighting on the ceiling. The lighting fixtures are truly admirable for their function and sleek design. This space is a perfect demo of how a new-age office should look and function. On the periphery area, are the other administrative cabins that are concealed behind the walls. 

Adding insight on the sleek and seamless design of this office Mr. Motwani adds, “One of the lessons we learned from the previous space is that our industry is constantly changing and innovating. And our spaces not only display this innovative range but also give a demo as we have integrated most of these systems here. This space serves as a perfect resource guide and helps a person literally experience and visualize how the same product would look and function in their spaces be it residential, commercial office, retail or hospitality.”

The Demo Area

The demo area has a sleek counter where the products are displayed. The counter is complemented by tall slender chairs. There is a single smart switch that controls the entire lighting and roller blind shades in this area. The lights can be set in different modes. The light control options completely change the look of the room. This area offers a glimpse and helps the visitors visualize their space.

Demo Area Under Tunable Lighting Fixtures (Human Centric Lighting)

“The purpose of this space is for designers and system integrators to come in with their preconceived design and then go through the different types of lights, colour options ranging from different hues of white, yellow and the other options available.” On the counter, there are display boxes with different multifunctional switches in various colours and sleek designs offering unlimited function. 

Expertise to help clients:

The store has experts who are trained to help potential clients with their products and services. “There are a lot of unorganized players in this segment, so firstly we want to share with our client’s that we are a well-established, Make-in-India brand and we have the required expertise in what we’re doing.’ Then we talk with them about infrastructure and the wiring and why it is an important part of every project. Then we educate them about safety and security and also on maintenance and backup services. Next, we talk about the integration of all these systems and the potential benefit of a platform, helping them understand today’s advancements be it lighting colour option and design, so they have the tools they need to create their home/commercial space the exact way they desire.” explains Mr. Motwani. 

MD Cabin

The MD Cabin 

The decor of this plush cabin is more like an evolution of the space that has come from the knowledge and experience that Mr. Motwani has gained over the years. The formal space in the cabin has a backlit onyx lending a luxurious touch, the full-length windows offer a panoramic view of the city. In case of too much lighting coming, the roller blinds can be controlled at a touch of a button. On the opposite side, is a sink-in sofa and a green vertical garden that forms a perfect informal seating option for meetings. 

The highlight of this room is the designer lights on the ceiling, which are again controlled by the Smart Switch and offer various colour mode options.

Products and Features:  

Smart Switches have a built-in scheduler, backlit indication for locating buttons in the dark, stylish, innovative, modular, and compact design, advanced zoning, and scene control supported for mood lighting and short circuit protection. Their products are available in seven categories, OSUM Smart, OSUM Frame, OSUM Click, Sense Touch to name a few. Each category offers various options.  

Osum Luxe Verve

OSUM Smart switches are four-button wall scene controllers that can trigger 16 different scenes. Stylish, innovative and compact design, this switch is fully programmable through the android application and has a backlit indication for locating buttons in the dark. It can perform tasks like dimming multiple lights, controlling fans, AC, and curtains, and unlocking doors from a single switch.  Pure plates are designed with the best premium materials like glass and metal, and chrome borders that give the right touch of bling to your luxurious project. The perfect style statement for your walls.

Osum Luxe Alcu

OSUM’s office cum experience centre serves as a perfect reference point for professionals and system integrators. The design of the space successfully creates seamless interiors showcasing the brand’s transparency and accessibility, thereby tying the design theme back to healthcare and the company’s dedication to providing Smart solutions. All those who are looking for Smart Solutions now have a reliable OSUM option.

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