OOB Smarthome’s Reliable Range with Advanced Features

OOB Smarthome’s Reliable Range with Advanced Features

OOB Smarthome launched an innovative range of products in their Annual Dealer’s Meet.

OOB Smarthome, a leading wireless home automation brand in India, recently launched a new range of products at the Annual Dealer’s Meet. The main aim of the event was to increase awareness and brand visibility. The brand envisions expanding its services and product accessibility in key cities across India, especially in Western and Northern India.

Known for its Out-Of-Box innovative wireless home automation solutions, OOB Smarthome is centered on providing safety, comfort, and convenience-all in “Just One Touch”. Due to its IoT-based solutions, the brand has high reliability and reachability as it ends the inconvenience of installing additional wires. It aims to create hassle-free smarthome one-touch devices that reach as many homes and service sectors as possible by catering to each individual’s needs and desires.

Two Indian entrepreneurs, Bhavin Sodvadiya and Pradip Dakhara founded OOB Smarthome in the year 2015 to provide their clients with affordable and long-lasting smart home solutions. Bhavin and Pradip initiated the journey of their vision in 2011 with just an idea to create world-class smart automation devices and developed the prototype in 2013. In a span of less than a decade, not only did they achieve success in establishing a brand, but also achieve the milestone of connecting with 500+ associates and installing 10000+ smart devices.

OOB Smarthome’s Reliable Range with Advanced Features

OOB Smarthome not only provides safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient home automation solutions but also focuses on providing flexible and reliable automation consulting solutions customized to a specific home or business requirements as its vision is to lead the Indian smart home device industry by fostering a culture of insightful and research-based innovations and services.

Having a vision of leading the smart home devices industry, the brand firmly supports `Make in India’ initiative by creating exclusive and high-tech technologies through its Research and Development Unit. Each and every upscale automation device of this brand are manufactured in-house by highly trained engineers.

With a long-term mission of transforming 100000+ homes across the globe into smart homes by 2025, both Bhavin and Pradip, founders of OOB Smarthome are leaving no stones unturned for extravagant growth of the brand’s visibility and accessibility. Launching a new range of products in its Annual Dealer’s Meet is nothing but their strategy for expansion of the brand’s presence across India.

For More Information Visit: https://www.oobsmarthome.com/

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