LG’s Lunar Lander-Inspired Coffee Machine With Two Pods

LG Labs, known for groundbreaking innovations, introduces DUOBO, a space-inspired coffee machine that redefines the coffee brewing experience. Shaped like a lunar lander, the DUOBO allows users to extract from two coffee pods simultaneously, unlocking a world of possibilities for coffee enthusiasts.

Unlike traditional coffee machines, DUOBO stands out with its unconventional design, resembling the iconic Apollo 11 lunar lander. Its space module-shaped structure rests on three legs, and with dynamic vertical movement, it adjusts to the height of the cup, adding a touch of drama to the coffee-making ritual.

The “space hatch” opens to reveal spaces for two coffee pods, allowing users to choose their preferred blends and experiment with unique coffee combinations. The machine’s integrated CPU expertly controls the water temperature and quantity, ensuring a perfect brew with every cup.

The DUOBO features a 10.1-inch IPS Full HD display on its base platform, serving as an entertainment center while users eagerly await their freshly brewed coffee. The display plays engaging videos and animations, making the wait as enjoyable as the coffee-drinking experience.

Through the DUOBO smartphone App, users can conveniently adjust settings, select the number of shots, and even buy coffee pods directly from the App itself. The app also offers expertly curated coffee blends for inspiration.

With support for Bluetooth 5 and 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, the DUOBO provides seamless connectivity and control options. It accommodates all standard-sized coffee pods, making it compatible with popular brands like Nespresso, Keurig, and Starbucks.

The DUOBO is capable of delivering two shots of intensely flavorful, crema-laden espresso, and users can opt for a single serve using just one pod. It operates at up to 19 bars of pressure, ensuring efficient coffee extraction and easy maintenance.

With the DUOBO, LG redefines the coffee brewing experience, empowering users to become their own coffee connoisseurs and embark on a journey of delightful coffee blends from the comfort of their homes.

For More Information Visit: https://www.lg.com/my

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