Miantic AV Partners with Tyba to Distribute Turn 2 in India

Miantic AV Partners with Tyba to Distribute Turn 2 in India

Miantic AV has announce a distribution partnership with Tyba in India. Tyba’s stylish, innovative Turn 2 now will be available in India and will be distributed by Miantic AV. Turn 2 is a room controller designed to adjust room parameters with a rotating outer ring. It is a classy round dial that gives a new elevated look to the home automation control system with an intuitive `Turn-Swipe-Touch’ control.

Turn 2 features a touch screen used to switch between control functions. It can be used either stand-alone, powered by USB-C or with one of the optional Bus Connectors. The Bus Connectors are designed to provide a mounting interface, power and optional system integration. On-screen controls can be used to change the temperature, fan speed, curtains, blinds, and other settings. Blinds and curtains can be opened and closed on their own or all at once. There are controls for the volume, for playing the music, and for skipping tracks.

There are a number of configurations in Turn 2

  • Lights & Scenes: Users can set up control for up to five independent lights or light groups and up to eight light scenes, such as morning, evening, entertain, relax, Off, etc.
  • Temperature: The temperature display and set point can be customised by the user. They can specify the temperature range and increment, as well as the source of the temperature. A temperature sensor is also included for monitoring.
  • Fan: The user has the ability to regulate up to eight different speeds for the fan (e.g., Low to High).
  • Humidity: Users are able to customise the control set point and the display of humidity.
  • Climate Modes: Users have the ability to configure control of up to eight different modes, such as Away, Holiday, Home, Cooling, and Heating.
  • Information Control: The Turn 2 display has the capability of providing the Air Quality, Air Pressure, and Humidity readings.
  • Shades: Users have the ability to configure control of up to five different shades or shade groups.
  • Volume: Users can configure control of volume either with or without media controls

In addition, the Turn 2 comes equipped with an LED that illuminates in the dark, making it easier to locate the controller. A motion sensor ensures that Turn 2 is alert and ready whenever it detects that you are approaching it. The Tyba app simplifies device setup, configuration, and control by providing a robust yet user-friendly interface for managing all Tyba products. Using the optional Wall Plate, users may place Turn 2 in an existing position or create a variety of other designs. The optional Table Stand allows it to be kept on a table or shelf.

Turn 2 is built for the future including a powerful ARM processor, an ultra-secure embedded operating system and jam-packed with technology. Smart home integration is enabled using wired proprietary communication and over Wi-Fi using Tyba’s REST API. Turn 2 also acts as a location beacon supporting iBeacon and Eddystone standards.

Turn 2 works natively with KNX, Crestron & Control4, providing the flexibility to integrate with an almost unlimited range of products and brands. The Turn 2 ring is machined from a range of solid metals and is available in our beautiful hand-crafted finishes; black, silver, stainless steel and bronze.

In addition to the standard finishes, Tyba also offers a stunning range of special-order alternatives.

For more information visit : https://www.miantic.com/

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