M&K Sound Unveils THX® Certified Dominus IW500 Reference In-wall Speaker

M&K Sound, renowned for its professional-grade products, introduces its inaugural THX® Certified Dominus in-wall loudspeaker, the IW500. Tailored for expansive home cinema setups, accommodating room volumes up to 6,500 cu ft or 185 cu m, this model serves as the pinnacle of reference loudspeakers crafted by the esteemed Danish audio manufacturer. This milestone release aligns with M&K Sound’s illustrious 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2024.

The IW500 THX Certified Dominus loudspeaker can be mounted either vertically or horizontally as a center channel. In either scenario, whether placed into a behind-screen baffle wall or masonry surrounding a flat-panel display, the performance characteristics are identical, leveraging increased flexibility for residential or professional installations. The M&K Sound IW500 is available to order worldwide from M&K authorized dealers (with a US MSRP of $4,999 per unit).

“With premium large-scale home cinemas becoming a more common phenomenon, we knew it was time to offer an in-wall loudspeaker that could accommodate the most stringent room volume requirements,” said Per Becher, chief executive officer, M&K Sound. “We are proud to unveil the IW500 which enables our global installer network to provide unrivaled audio performance for their customers in large or exceptionally large environments.”

The IW500 is M&K Sound’s most state-of-the-art and sophisticated loudspeaker to date and includes several technological advances, allowing it to pass stringent testing and receive THX Certified Dominus status. The IW500 is a three-way loudspeaker sporting a true 92 dB of sensitivity with all its drivers mounted in a vertical line to achieve precise on- and off-axis audio performance requirements for superb imaging. M&K Sound rightfully uses the tagline ‘It just sounds real’ to describe the sonic delivery.

THX engineers perform hundreds of scientifically formulated tests to ensure the highest possible audio with products designed for a variety of home theater sizes. These include tests for axial frequency response, vertical and horizontal dispersion, output vs. distortion, and many more.

“M&K took on a lofty task to design the highest performance and most powerful in-wall speaker for ultra-high fidelity in expansive home and private spaces of up to 6,500 cubic feet in size, and with up to a 20-foot viewing distance from the screen,” said Steven P. Martz, vice president, global technology partnerships, THX Ltd. “We are pleased to verify that the incredibly detailed audio design from M&K Sound has ensured that their IW500 met these high standards of excellence. This is a spectacular accomplishment of which they should be very proud.”

Designed for use in high-end home theaters or Hi-Fi stereo systems, and with an 80 Hz – 20 kHz (+/-1.5 dB) frequency response, the IW500 pairs ideally with one or more subwoofers (such as M&K Sound’s own THX Certified Dominus X15+ subwoofer). The new M&K Sound speaker will deliver a natural, open, and articulate sound field with extraordinarily high output every time. Perfect for large home cinemas and media rooms, the IW500 measures a maximum SPL of greater than 117 dB and a power amplifier handling of 100 – 500 watts.

Highlight Design Features 

M&K Sound has combined a high-performance one-inch soft dome tweeter with a precision-crafted aluminum waveguide to ensure accurate and focused vertical and horizontal dispersion characteristics. The design marks the first time M&K Sound has developed a horn-loaded loudspeaker that guarantees real and natural audio delivery, whether placed vertically or horizontally.

The IW500 combines two Kurt Muller three-inch soft dome midrange drivers (800 Hz to 2500 Hz) with shallow waveguides. These pair with a complex crossover network to promote an audible smoothness and non-fatiguing character across the frequency range. By consolidating excellent vertical response from the crossover with precise horizontal dispersion from the vertical driver array, the IW500 produces a profoundly flat power response.

The IW500’s onboard dual 8-inch woofers employ large magnets and carbon fiber cones to achieve its high sensitivity rating (92 dB SPL @ 1 meter with 2.83V), enabling a full-bodied and visceral low-frequency response. M&K Sound’s proprietary ‘Capacitive Coupling’ design feature in the crossover allows for a much smaller enclosure than is normally required. It also ensures tighter bass response, increased impedance (easier to drive) and less distortion.

The IW500’s revolutionary crossover is responsible for the loudspeaker’s smooth frequency and polar responses. The transition between high, mid and bass frequencies is seamless, which is

a trademark design feature of M&K Sound’s reference loudspeakers. The IW500 includes newly developed transducers with extra-large magnets for less compressed and less distorted sound.

Technical Highlight

Every facet of M&K Sound’s enduring legacy of technological achievement is incorporated into the latest IW500 flagship loudspeaker. As each model in M&K Sound’s extensive range is timbre-matched for the ultimate sonic cohesion in any room, the IW500 can ably complement surround and height speakers from the award-winning M&K 300 and 150 Series. The IW500 now brings the sonic precision, neutrality, and articulation, for which M&K is world-renowned, into the very largest of residential cinemas and listening rooms.

The IW500 in-wall loudspeaker will be available from authorized M&K Sound dealers for the competitive price of MSRP $4,999 (USD).

Further information about THX® Certified loudspeakers is available here.

For More Information: www.mksound.com

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