Sonance Visual Experience VX Series is Available for Order

Unveiling the latest innovation from Sonance, the Visual Experience Series architectural speakers are now shipping. Launched at CEDIA Expo 2023, these cutting-edge VX series speakers are available for order, set to be dispatched from our California warehouse to our valued customers across North America.

Much like our esteemed Visual Performance series, a mainstay since 2007, the VX Series boasts over 21 models tailored to diverse preferences and budgets. Serving as replacements for all existing VP core models of round in-ceiling and rectangle in-wall speakers, this series continues our tradition of delivering exceptional audio solutions.

In a departure from convention, Sonance has equipped the VX series with flexible installation and trim options. Each model comes standard with the new Micro Trim grille, while offering the choice to upgrade to a Trimless grille or opt for flush mounting using Sonance TRUFIG Mounting Technology. With these versatile aesthetic choices, seamlessly integrate VX speakers into any space’s design.

At the core of VX lies the Sonance Sinusoidal Textured Waveguide Tweeter Design, meticulously engineered to ensure consistent dispersion and speaker coverage. This groundbreaking technology guarantees uniform sound tonality regardless of the listener’s position within the space.

Furthermore, the Visual Experience line incorporates the Sonance CDX Crossover, known for its superior performance in the Sonance Invisible Series.

Drawing upon four decades of speaker design and innovation, the Visual Experience Series represents a paradigm shift in speaker technology. Leveraging an iterative combination of simulation and machine learning, VX Series speakers are expertly engineered for unparalleled performance, finish, installation, and, above all, experience.

Flex Frame Mounting System and Key Features

The Sonance Visual Experience Flex Frame Mounting System introduces a two-piece design, providing VX models with the flexibility for one or two-stage installation. This innovative system maximizes installation efficiency, particularly beneficial for large-scale projects.

Highlighted Features and Benefits:

Two-Piece Flex Frame Mounting System: Streamlined installation process offering improved single or two-stage installation.

Brilliant White Micro Trim Grille: Enhanced brightness and consistency, RAL standardized for seamless integration with ceilings and walls. The reduced bezel size and knife-edge design minimize shadow lines.

Optional Trimless Grille: Modern, bezel-free design maintaining the brilliant white color for a sleek aesthetic.

Sinusoidal Textured Waveguide: Ensures even, balanced tonality for smooth, extended treble dispersion at any angle.

CDX Crossovers: Derived from Sonance Invisible Series, providing consistent dispersion across all frequencies.

Advanced Driver Motor Topology: Engineered to reduce distortion to nearly inaudible levels, ensuring the highest fidelity.

Multitude of Optional Accessories: With 127 new speakers and accessories, tailor the Visual Experience to seamlessly blend into any space’s design.

Elevate your audio experience with Sonance Visual Experience Series, where innovation meets excellence in every detail.

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