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Remember the days when we would roll our car windows up manually? It wasn’t one bit difficult. But we did move to press a small button to automatically roll up all windows at once, right? Lo and behold, similar changes are happening to the age-old curtains at your place.

Say hello to smart curtains. You read that right. Curtains that are smart. So, what do smart curtains do? They can make life very interesting, especially when you install state-of-the-art smart curtains like the Hogar Smart Curtain series. Read on.

The Hogar Smart Curtains series is probably the best alarm clock! Imagine you sleeping out in the open. As the sun rises gradually, your body wakes organically. Not with a jolt, like when you wake up when the alarm rings. But you don’t sleep out in the open every night. So, when you draw the curtains close in the night for privacy and pre-program them to open during sunrise, the curtains gradually open, allowing just the right amount of sun to fill in your bedroom. Imagine what a great start to your day that would be.

Now let’s look at a scenario that’s exactly the opposite. You are late to the office, so you rush out in a hurry. It is only during lunch that you realize that you didn’t close the curtains and the harsh afternoon sun might be deep frying your house. Not to worry. You have Hogar smart curtains installed. Just open your Hogar app and draw them close. Enjoy your lunch.

What makes the Smart Curtain series amazing is that fantastic things could happen without your intervention too. When Hogar Home Automation realizes that it is getting hotter outside, it could close the curtains, all by itself. The AC that way has to only cool a slightly warmer room instead of a hot room thus reducing your electricity bills.

One of the other most interesting uses of the smart curtains is to keep intruders away. When intruders conduct a recce on which house to loot next, empty homes are like sitting ducks. One of the dead giveaways are closed curtains that remain closed for a long time. The next time you go on a vacay, you could program Hogar curtains to open and close at random intervals thus giving the impression that someone’s home. Bet you never knew that this could be a possibility.

Hogar is one of the best options in the market because it has options for both compact spaces and larger areas.

“Veil” is the smart curtain series for small homes/apartments/small offices. It has a balanced torque movement that is ultra-smooth. Its noise levels are below 40 dB, which is best in class. You can even control this with Voice. The track lengths are customizable.

Their Regale series is a superb option for large villas, bungalows, and offices. They are compatible with tubular rods and accessories. Hogar even has an option that has a noise level under 28 dB.

Finally, their 3 Node curtain module enables you to turn any third-party automatic curtains into smart curtains. This lets you control them through our smart app or via voice commands.

With such advanced features, the Hogar curtain series are sure to turn a lot of heads. It is not long before the manual curtains will go extinct exactly like the manual windows of erstwhile cars. Visit to know more :

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