Orro’s Lighting Integrated Into Control4 Installation

Orro, the creators of the Orro Smart Living System announced(on 8th Sept 2021) their first professional-focused integration, which allows Orro lighting to operate within the Control4 system. Through Orro’s native Alexa integration, users can enjoy Alexa voice assistant installations – without any extra hardware. This new integration marks the first programmable digital keypad switch for Control4. This enables any Orro’s touch screen to work with eControl4 scenes, also adding macro capabilities to the room. 

It was commissioned by Orro and further developed by Chowmain Software & Apps. With access made available through a driver, the new integration allows for the easy addition of any device or system-specific controls to any room. All of the devices & systems are accessible through Orro’s sleek touch screen interface.

“Control4 is one of the control system brands of choice for professional installers, and we are very excited to offer integration with our Orro smart living system,” said Patrick “PG” Gall, head of channel development, Orro. “This new integration gives professionals the flexibility to create even better customer experiences while giving them the opportunity to introduce human-centric lighting to their customers.”

This system replaces the standard light switch and automates perfect lighting, along with lighting scenes & room-to-room intercom. Orro provides a smart home solution that is accessible via touch or voice without the installation of any additional hardware.

Key Features of the Orro Smart Living System:

  • Installs in place of a standard light switch.
  • Controlled via Orro’s integrated touchscreen, voice, or app.
  • A unified smart home control with integrated motion, sound, and light sensors.
  • Ability to make existing light bulbs smart
  • “Works with Sonos” Certification
  • Alexa Built-in Integration
  • Easy setup – Orro system can be configured via a cell phone

About Orro

With Orro, users get automated smart lighting, smart home controls, wellness-focused lighting schedules, home monitoring, and energy-saving features that seamlessly integrate with core smart and automation systems – creating a home that works for the clients.

Built to Meet the Rigors and Requirements of Professional Home Builders, Electricians, and Installers, the Orro Smart Living System upgrades homes with a simple-to-use, unified smart home system providing Top-of-the-Line quality and features homeowners demand. For more information, visit Orro on the web at: www.GetOrro.com

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