Redefining Home Automation experience

Redefining Home Automation experience

Technology has become part and parcel of everyday life. As we walked past an unprecedented year, everyone’s requirements have also realigned to the new norm. RTI, the brand, is enhancing your home experience by providing you with the best of the class home automation solutions. 

People preferences have seen a huge shift towards home in the last year. People who earlier were busy travelling for work and leisure have spent their whole time within the confines of home. With the Work From Home mode triggering the demand for more quality ambience at home, home automation has been leveraging on this sudden surge.  

People are demanding for more customisation to enhance the convenience and experience. RTI brand has successfully penetrated in both the residential and commercial space. In the modern age, people look for dynamic products. To cater to this rising customisation, RTI offers power, scalability and versatility to support a wide variety of applications.

While the hardware acts as the backbone of any smart application, RTI offers a complete solution from Control, Multi-room Audio-Video, HDMI Switching and Connectivity, and a range of Remote Control as Primary Controller.  

On the other hand, software helps improve the experience of smart homes. In the Software segment, the company has a bouquet starting from Customized Graphics on App for IOS, Android and Windows PCs, along with a huge library of drivers to integrate lighting, AV, Security, HVAC on a single application.   

The combination of hardware and software offering from RTI helps the customer with agility, customisation according to each member’s needs in the family and scalability as and when required. Like your lights, fan, TV, and other appliances, the entire equipment can be programmed according to each individual’s preferences. The remote access through mobiles allows the customers to check on the house anytime. This also adds to the security of the premises.

RTI, the global brand, entered India in 2012 to be part of the evolving Indian automation segment. In the last decade, it has increased its footprint to the nook and corners of the country. As indigenisation is part of the government policy, the company has established its Driver Development centre in Hyderabad. 

RTI brings in value-added technical support through Miantic, which is known for its service excellence that no manufacturer can match. The next important launch for the company is the U3, the weatherproof, waterproof remote. 

During the Smart Home Expo 2021, the company will release Pro Control – a Brand of RTI. Pro Control is an ideal solution for Home Theatre to 3-4 BHK residential or MDU Projects.  

Few unique features are  

  • Programs in Minutes 
  • Easy on Pocket 
  • Scale from Single Room to Entire House Control
  • Elegant Touchscreen Remote 
  • Free Mobile/Tablet Control  
Redefining Home Automation experience

The key factor that creates impediments for the smart home segment is the pricing. Technology and innovation have already addressed this point to a certain level. However, considering the Indian market and the demand growth, RTI is bringing out Pro Control at an affordable price for a wider segment of people.

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