RTI Enables user configurable scenes and Alarm clock with new H.264 IP platform

In collaboration with third party driver developers RTI enables end user configurable scenes without any limitation on number of scenes.

These on-the-fly configurable scenes supports Lights, Blinds AV and Playlist selection etc.

Customisable scenes and Preprogrammed scenes can also be selected with new user-selectable alarm functionality. Alarm functionality includes a user selection of time-based lights control and Playlist Audio control. Alarm functionality can be selected by day or by time by multiple users in a single house based on their comfort.

Apart from the user customisable platform. RTI launches new H.264 IP Platform which integrates seamlessly with widely available camera brands like hikvision, cp-plus, dahua etc with PTZ control.Loading time for cameras on this new H.264 platform is less than a second since it supports a wide variety of streaming protocols from IP based cameras.

For More Details:   [email protected]  |  www.miantic.com

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