RTI Touchpanel With Built-in Processor

RTI Touchpanel With Built-in Processor

RTI of the leading control and automation manufacturer recently announced the new KX4 touch panel with a built-in processor to simplify single-room commercial installations that require both on-wall control and processing power to control multiple devices. Shipping from November, the KX4 is currently open for pre-order.

Ideal for single-room commercial applications such as meeting rooms, classrooms, and lecture halls, the KX4 combines an in-wall touch panel and hard button input with a built-in control processor. The result is an enhanced automation solution that combines control simplicity with power in a single cost-effective unit. For front panel control, the KX4 boasts a 4” high-resolution capacitive touch display with five configurable hard buttons that can be customized with RTI’s Laser Shark engraving. 

The built-in control processor features advanced capabilities, including support for two-way drivers, RTiPanel App and expansion configurations. Back panel connections enable direct control of devices via IR, IP and two RS-232, six voltage sense ports with sense-event capabilities, and four relays for control via contact closure.


In-Wall: Blend your flush-mount touch panel into the wall and make it a central point for controlling your home or business.

Hard Buttons: Five Hard Buttons provide quick access to often used control functions such as lights, music, and audio/video source selection without the need to navigate through the graphical interface on your touch panel.

2-Way: Convenient and reliable control with status feedback from controlled devices such as on/off or arm/disarm status, dimming value of lights, playlists, and available stations.

RS-232: Two control ports for a 3-wire connection with the capability of polling status feedback from controlled devices or systems.

Relay: Four built-in low voltage dry contacts provide contact closure or switching control for loads up to 3A/30VDC (external power supply required).

Infrared: One control port for 2-wire connection to infrared emitters, blasters and repeaters.

Sense Input: Six inputs that sense contact closure from switches, windows or doors or voltage state from a voltage sensor to trigger a programmed control command or macro.

Ethernet: Standard 10/100 BaseT wired network connection for bidirectional control communication with RTI remotes, control accessories and devices controlled over an IP network.

PoE: Power your touch panel through a PoE network switch or PoE injector. No extra power supply is required.

Zigbee: Standard wireless Zigbee connection for bidirectional control communication with RTI remotes.

Astronomical Clock: A built-in clock that syncs through an internet connection allows one to schedule time-based events to automate all aspects of the installed environment, including climate, lighting, music, and much more.

Laser Shark: Customise the button labels with text or graphics.

Vivid: 4” WVGA (480×800) capacitive touch screen.

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