The Best Smart Cameras To Secure Your Home

Home surveillance was a costly and cumbersome process, with clunky equipment and  chunky wires. Plus, it was not so easy to keep tabs on surveillance footage. Gradually, smart and sleeker gadgets have seamlessly integrated into our lifestyles as our homes become smarter.

Most apartments have stepped up their security by opting for sophisticated surveillance equipment, smart cameras and many add-on applications. Apart from apartments, cameras are in great demand in private homes, commercial spaces and large townships, etc. The new-age cameras offer better App integration, allowing you to use your smartphone to keep tabs while travelling or when you are away from home.

As a pioneer in introducing new technologies to the Indian market and a well-known brand with a thorough understanding of today’s security and surveillance requirements, CP PLUS is considered one of the best in providing customised solutions. CP PLUS has launched a multitude of smart home solutions to provide effective surveillance and security to homes in every corner of the world.

Launched by CP PLUS, the EzyKam high-definition, Google and Alexa-enabled, plug-and-play Wi-Fi camera series is the best and easiest way to get good security. 

CP PLUS has made this line of reliable Wi-Fi Cloud cameras to make your life easier and give you a sense of security you can count on. 

The EzyKam series of smart cameras are suitable for residences, offices, or shop because they are equipped with various functionalities like image quality up to 4MP, two-way communication, motion detection, auto tracking, human body filter, instant notifications, 360° coverage, built-in siren, privacy mode, edge recording, night vision, cloud/remote monitoring, etc.

One of the most relaible option when it comes to wireless cameras The EzyKam prevents any loss of the video or any loss of data that used to emerge out of wire malfunctions. The EzyKam series takes no time to set up due to the 3-step easy installation procedure. 

These wireless surveillance cameras provide high-resolution imagery to your surveillance setup, allowing you to inspect recorded video or captured images in minute detail.

The EzyKam is widely used  because of its motion detection technology that has been integrated into it. With the help of algorithms, this technology enables you to detect targets and then even track their movement automatically and also showcases every minute detail of the target on your screen. 

EzyKam also has very good facial recognition technology, which is another important feature. CP PLUS has made sure that EzyKam has the most advanced tools that use artificial intelligence.

With these cameras, it’s easier to keep an eye on things because you can get a clear video stream at much lower bandwidth and more storage space.

The EzyKam Series have the most unique features that makes this series priceless:

  • Up to 4MP Full HD Resolution, Plug & Play Wi-Fi camera, which enables crisp images that reveal the smallest details with absolute clarity.
  • Can be integrated with Alexa and Google Home 
  • The Pan and Tilt function allows these cameras to rotate, move and view all the corners of your home, saving the cost and trouble of installing multiple cameras in any space to cover the full view of the area.
  • Home-on-Phone, view the live video footage of your home/office anytime anywhere in the world on your phone.
  • Hassle-free Installation, Connect to your home/office Wi-Fi in a moment. Simply select a network, create a password, and you are good to go.
  • Supports AI-enabled Human Detection and sends instant alerts to your Smart Phone.
  • Talk to the person on the other side while you see their live video feed and stay connected to your loved ones around the clock.
  • In-built SD Card with up to 128GB support for reliable recording whenever motion is detected.
  • Intelligent Motion Alert: When armed, the inbuilt motion alarm in the EzyKam alerts you instantly on your smartphone in case of an intrusion.
  • Supported by the all-in-one EzyKam+ App, which lets you enjoy multiple cameras feeds on the single app.
  • Supported by EzyKam+, an advanced IoT-based mobile App that works with all CP PLUS IoT devices in your home and also allows a seamless integration across them.

For More Information Click Here to Visit CP PLUS EzyKam Product Page

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