Smart Home Expo hosted a virtual event to mark the release of ETS 6 and celebration of an international milestone by the KNX Association

The KNX India Association together with 19 other countries’ national groups and KNX Association, Brussels celebrate the ETS 6 Days. The release of the ETS 6, which is the 6th version of engineering tool software and considered as the spine of the KNX ecosystem, has marked the day of a new era in the world of smart homes and smart buildings. To celebrate this international milestone, KNX India Association hosted an online event featuring KNX manufacturers & industry stakeholders, presenting products and solutions, witnessing the strength and unparalleled home and building solutions from various manufacturers. In India, the virtual event was hosted by Smart Home Expo, on Friday, 26th November 2021 at 2:00 pm. 

The event started with a welcome speech and introduction on ETS 6, by Amarnath Kamath, Director, Lebenor Technologies. “In India, we are a community of 305 certified KNX partners, 6 LNX manufacturers, and 4 training sectors. KNX can remain to be the leader in this domain in India, only if we join forces and take up joint activities to promote KNX”, said Kamath. Post that, Bhavesh Doshi, Founder, Entelechysystems, KNX Tutor and Trainer, made an insightful and informative presentation on the ETS 6 software and the major features of ETS 6. “It is a unique tool to design, configure and commission KNX installations and is compatible with more than 8000 certified KNX devices, from more than 500 manufacturers worldwide”, said Doshi. Also, elaborate explanations on implementations and advantages of ETS 6, were given in the event.  

The introduction session was followed by the presentations made by numerous renowned smart home solutions or devices manufacturers, who have adopted and implemented the KNX protocol in their products. Harish Kumar from Ekinex, India, said, “we chose KNX as a platform for our products because it is a worldwide standard, there are more than 500 manufacturers, systems become open and interoperable, suitable for all buildings, improves energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings, and it is open to technological evolution and continuous”. Bhavesh Doshi took over from Kumar and continued the incisive conversation by sharing an overview of Logic Machine Multi-Protocol Gateway and its applications. Also, he briefed on the subsystems of a typical home automation project. Next, on the list of speakers, was Huzefa Poonawala from GIC Theben. He spoke on the importance of appropriate lighting on different occasions.  We combine the needs of our customers with the best technology, stated Poonawala. Also, he ran the audience through the company’s expertise on diverse aspects of smart homes like air purification, motion sensors, blind control, dimming control, switching control and DALi control.

Poonawala was followed by Fernando Ventura, Product Manager, HVAC interfaces, who spoke on building and energy consumption facts, the role of Intesis and KNX gateways for air conditioning. For the last decade, Intesis Gateways have been the reference for air conditioning system integration into KNX projects. Intesis offers specific solutions for the most popular AC brands and a universal solution based on infrared communication, said Ventura. Besides, he introduced the audience to data security in KNX, new features, goals, use cases, solutions and functionalities. 

Other notable speakers were from NETx Automation Software GmbH, Panasonic, KNX partners worldwide, Future Automation, Schneider Electric, Technovo Distribution Pvt. Ltd, Vinshek and Basalte. Stefan Baumgartner and Suvankar Das, NETx Automation Software GmbH, represents, Global and Asia Pacific Region respectively, spoke on the software and its applications along with a few references. Also, the audience gained in-depth knowledge about Panasonic’s Thea IQ, which features an intuitive user interface and allows the user to control and manage every connected device at the touch of a button. The KNX global partners briefed the participants about the requirements for becoming a KNX partner, being shown on the KNX partner list and the purpose of showing the partner data on Chetan Sharma from Schneider Electric spoke on climate change and how sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. Also, he revealed Schneider’s commitments to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Sudhir Joshi from Technovo Distribution Pvt. Ltd. elaborated on the brand “Eelectron”, which is a manufacturer member of KNX Association since 2005. A comprehensive presentation was given by Vineet Mehta, Vinshek on EAE Technology, which is a KNX approved manufacturer, training centre and TUBITAK certified R&D centre. 

As a token of appreciation, all participants of the event were offered a free ETS Lite Licence. Also, all participants received 5 credit points to boost their partner ranking.

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