SmartThings Collaborates with Eve Systems

SmartThings Collaborates with Eve Systems
SmartThings Collaborates with Eve Systems

SmartThings, Samsung’s global connected living platform, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Eve Systems, transforming home energy management through advanced power monitoring and expanding the number of SmartThings compatible brands and products that support energy management. With Eve Energy, a Matter-compatible smart plug and power meter, consumers can now track energy consumption for everyday appliances and devices right through the SmartThings app, helping to reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately save money.

SmartThings users will have the ability to reduce power consumption by monitoring individual devices that are connected to Eve’s smart plug, finally answering the question, “How much does that light cost me?” For instance, users can track an appliance such as a coffee machine to calculate its power usage and monthly cost. With this insight, consumers can make more informed decisions to reduce utility bills by creating automation routines and setting timers to optimize energy usage via SmartThings.

Building on the success of SmartThings Energy, this integration tracks the energy use of existing devices and appliances. Furthermore, users can integrate their non-Samsung appliances, fostering cross-platform compatibility and making energy savings accessible to a wider range. Eve Energy works with SmartThings through Matter, a new, unifying standard for smart home connectivity. Built on Thread, Eve Energy connects directly to compatible SmartThings hubs and therefore works right out of the box.

“In a world where smart homes are becoming increasingly complex, our mission at SmartThings is to make it simple for users to manage their devices and reduce energy consumption,” said Mark Benson, Head of SmartThings US. “This integration of the Eve Energy Plug into the SmartThings ecosystem is a major step toward that goal – empowering consumers with the data they need to make the most energy-efficient decisions.”

As a pioneer in the smart home industry and an early adopter of Matter, SmartThings is committed to delivering user-friendly, practical solutions that enhance the efficiency of smart homes. Beyond cost and energy savings, users gain unprecedented control over their devices, enabling informed choices about when and how to use them. Additionally, users enjoy greater convenience by setting up automation routines and timers to streamline daily tasks, optimizing energy consumption effortlessly.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with SmartThings to expand the app’s power monitoring features to a Matter smart plug for the first time,” said Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems. “The benefits for consumers are immense because reducing the cost and environmental impact of your energy usage always begins with tracking consumption.”

The feature is supported within devices with SmartThings Hub technology and is designed to work on both Android and Apple devices.

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