GE Appliances to Offer Whole-Home Net Zero Energy Solutions at Every Price Point

GE Appliances to Offer Whole-Home Net Zero Energy Solutions at Every Price Point.
GE Appliances to Offer Whole-Home Net Zero Energy Solutions at Every Price Point.

GE Appliances, a Haier company, recently announced it will soon be offering whole-home energy solutions, at every price point, that will allow consumers to take control of their energy usage, save money and ease pressure on the nation’s energy grid with products powered by proprietary technology and a human-centric technology ecosystem. The product suites will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2024.

“We electrified America, connected appliances and revolutionized life at home by creating solutions that changed the way we cook our meals, clean our clothes and dishes, heat our water, cool our homes and preserve our food,” said Kevin Nolan, president and CEO of GE Appliances.  “Now, building on our heritage and focused on the future, we’re making our products more efficient than ever before with industry-first, proprietary, affordable technology that allows our appliances to communicate with demand management systems to reduce energy usage and resulting carbon impact without impacting performance.”

Always looking for a better way, over the last 20 years, GE Appliances’ engineers have developed innovations that allow its appliances, air conditioners and water heaters to communicate with demand management systems to schedule energy-intense operation cycles when energy from renewable sources is more readily available.  For example, charging water heaters during lower-cost, off-peak hours for storage during higher-cost peak hours, and delaying refrigeration defrost cycles for a few hours to the next off-peak period. 

In addition to the industry-first innovation, what makes these energy net-zero promoting home options different from competitors’ offerings is the best-in-class, human-centric technology ecosystem that puts control of energy consumption in the hands of homeowners by helping them achieve net-zero status for their residences. Over the next three months, GE Appliances will be announcing partners in lighting, information technology, clean energy generation and storage, and energy management that will promote independence at the touch of a button by allowing energy creation and management.

“We’re building a connected system that orchestrates your home’s electrical generation, storage and consumption through the power of innovation,” said Nolan.  “The bottom line is – we’re making it easier for consumers to take back their power, save energy and save money with GE Appliances.”

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