SnapOne Offers New Next-Gen Solutions

For those who are always on the lookout for high-tech upgraded automation solutions. A cursory glance at What’s new in terms of innovative features, designs, and services that will soon be available to the users from SnapOne. The brand tie-ups with numerous other brands to upscale their offerings.


The Araknis AN-820 wireless Access Point brings the latest in Wi-Fi technology to the Snap One networking lineup. The AN-820 offers lightning-fast speeds with Wi-Fi 6, plus a simple setup for multi-AP jobs. It has built-in OvrC monitoring and management. With a 2.5Gbps LAN port-in and the option for a more customizable configuration, Araknis’ newest AP offers the flexibility needed to tackle any job.

The advantages offered are as follows:

  • Lightning-fast speeds and extended battery life for connected devices
  • Perfect for high-density deployments with many connected clients


Introducing Halo, a new family of Control4 remotes with elegant industrial designs, a refined user interface, and packed with features that will redefine your customer’s automation experience. Halo remotes include a host of user-driven features including backlit buttons, voice-control, Wi Fi 2.4 and 5GHz support, a redesigned UI with new interaction options, and updates for the Watch, Listen, and Lights experiences. Halo remotes also include end-user install capabilities and OvrC integration for battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity management.

Halo Full-colour 2.8” non-touch LCD screen provides a graphical display of devices, media, favorites, automations, and menu options that are selected from, and controlled by the complete set of hard, backlit buttons.

This will be available in the coming Q4 2022

Vibrant Linear Lighting

Go beyond lighting control, and enter the world of transformative lighting. With Vibrant, Control4 adds a new product category that provides authorised pros with a high-margin, high-quality product line that will add colour to customers’ lives and brighten their smiles.

Vibrant Linear Lighting transforms any space by integrating colour, temperature, and brightness into personalized automated scenes, for a fully immersive lighting experience.

The advantages offered are as follows:

  • Most linear lighting applications can be installed follow wing low-voltage guidelines.
  • Full selection of LED color and temperature options, power supplies (30W to 300W), control modules (DMX, DALI, Zigbee), and extrusions for varied installation scenarios and mounting requirements.
  • Premium quality LED tape with temperature validated, single-bin LED components with a 90+CRI, built by our trusted manufacturing partner that has 30-years of experience in the lighting industry.
  • 5-year warranty and with an even longer lifespan.

Will be available in Coming Q4 2022

(4) Episode

Episode Radiance is the modular, all-in-one-wire outdoor audio and lighting system you didn’t know you needed! With patent-pending ACE technology that enables audio and lighting to run over a single 2-conductor wire, you’ll enjoy simplified wiring and reduced installment time. It offers safety, comfort and entertainment all through the year in their favourite outdoor spaces with Radiance.

The advantages offered are as follows:

·       Deliver audio and lighting on a single 2-conductor wire—an industry first!

·       Each speaker radiates sound in a 360-degree wide dispersion pattern and a uniform coverage area without “hot spots”—even when mounted right side up, or upside down.

·       The Episode Radiance light modules are 7W and share the popular common color temperature of 2700K.

·       The MB-1 combines up to 500W of Audio and up to 300W of lighting in one small footprint.

·       Nearly indestructible die-cast zinc design with IP66 rated speakers, subwoofer, light module, and accessories .

·       Modular and toolless Twist-To-Lock attachment make adding light to any speaker or blank fast and easy.

·       Stake, pendant, surface, and wall mounting options  for lights, speakers, blanks, or combinations.

Will be available in the coming Q4 2022

(5)   Luma

The new Luma X20 Family ushers in next-generation IP surveillance solutions. AI-powered for advanced object detection, the new Luma X20 cameras offer colour at night capabilities, are NDAA-compliant, and are smaller and easier to install than the current line of Luma cameras.

Designed to simplify deployment while offering deeper and more intuitive integration with control systems like Control4, this next-gen surveillance platform can be fully configured using OvrC. The new hardware and software (the end user Luma View app) offer installer-friendly features you need with the latest technology and convenience that customers love.

The advantages offered are as follows:

  • New Luma View app for end users includes push notifications, scrub footage, easy video sharing, multi-channel synchronized playback, and more
  • AI-Powered human and vehicle detection and AI-filtered events.
  • Deep Control4 integration: Live Tile view, camera re-ordering, updated PTZ control, single camera view with setting management.
  • Fully configurable in OvrC.
  • 24/7 Colour at Night capabilities.
  • Smaller in size compared to previous generations.
  • NDAA-Compliant.
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