The Art of Fusing Design and Smart Home Automation

The Art of Fusing Design and Smart Home Automation
The Art of Fusing Design and Smart Home Automation

Preetu Muley Pandey the Founder and Chief Interior Designer of Pree D’fine balances aesthetics with Smart Home Automation which has resulted in a personal retreat for the clients.

The Art of Fusing Design and Smart Home Automation

Welcome to a space that speaks of luxury and style, where every detail has been carefully crafted to create this apartment spread over an area of 2,200 sq.ft in Altamount Road, Mumbai. This stunning apartment, designed by Preetu Muley Pandey, Founder and Chief Interior Designer of Pree D’fine is the epitome of sophistication and design excellence and offers a unique and memorable living experience. When asked, Preetu says, “The main idea was to create neutral palettes without heavy walls to ensure that the spaces feel light and soothing.”

Design Concept

Apart from the sleek interiors, the designer has aesthetically integrated Smart Home Automation that takes care of the client’s requirements.  As soon as you step inside, you’ll be struck by the luxurious textures of the furniture, which Preetu mentions have been “thoughtfully selected to add depth, warmth, and interest to the space”. From the velvet of the sofa to the armchair and to the dining hall chairs, every element of the furnishings has been chosen to create a sense of luxury and comfort.

The couple had conflicting views on automation, with the wife against it due to a past poor experience, while the husband loved it. The team ensured them that the system was very simple to use, sturdy, and had a very prompt service team. With a little convincing from her tech-loving husband, the wife agreed to give automation another chance. This time, both of them were on the same page. The system was a game-changer that made their lives more time-efficient, smoother, and more luxurious than ever before. The wife was amazed at how easy it was to operate, and the husband was thrilled with its seamless performance.

The Art of Fusing Design and Smart Home Automation

Smart Automation and Design

The Smart Automation products have been integrated in their living room, dining room, media area, and all bedrooms. They have opted for Lutron + Crestron for automation and Focal + Marantz for audio. The integration of these smart automation systems offers a comprehensive solution for a fully automated and customized living experience.

The Art of Fusing Design and Smart Home Automation

Elaborating on the skillful incorporation of Smart Automation Preetu adds, “The apartment is an old structure and has a lot of deep beams and columns so instead of considering that as a hindrance, we used it to our advantage. We used the space between two beams to conceal the automated projector machine. We manipulated the wiring routes such that we don’t have any bulky beams.”
Preetu created an exceptional use of colours and textures in the space, with a harmonious colour palette that is both soothing and stylish. One of the standout features of the apartment is the bedroom, which is finished in a rich, Prussian blue colour scheme. This bold, yet sophisticated hue creates a sense of serenity and calm and is the perfect backdrop for the beautiful textiles and furnishings in the room.

Whether you’re relaxing in the spacious living room, cooking in the gourmet kitchen, or getting a good night’s rest in the luxurious bedroom, you’ll feel pampered and indulged in this unique and exceptional space.

Advantages and Takeaway

Highlighting the advantage of using smart automation Preetu further adds, “We often underestimate the power of technology, but it’s time to change that. By stepping outside of our comfort zones and embracing the unknown, we can discover a world of limitless possibilities. From revolutionizing design to improving our daily lives, technology has the power to do wonders when done right.”
She further adds, “The client now enjoys seamless control with just one click instead of manually operating each entity and dimming lights to the correct level. The home theatre system was the biggest boon here since the projector machine, screen and speakers were synchronized to turn on while the lights dimmed and the blackout curtains closed.”

Preetu in her parting note says, “My simple advice to budding professionals regarding the use of Smart Automation in their projects would be – The key to success in the digital age is to adapt and evolve. Smart Automation is the next step in this evolution, so seize the opportunity to stay ahead of the game.”

Reference Guide:

The Art of Fusing Design and Smart Home Automation
  • Location: Altamount Road, Mumbai
  • Built Area: 2,200 sq.ft carpet
  • Architect/Interior Designer: Pree D’fine
  • Systems Integrator: V Tech
  • Automation System Used: Lutron + Crestron
  • Audio: Focal + Marantz
  • Lighting: Hybec Dali dimmable lights
  • Security Cameras: Hikvision
  • Digital Locks: Yale
  • Biometrics: Yale
  • Smart Locks: Yale
  • Networking Devices Used: Ubiquity
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