The Ground-breaking Streamlining Of The Artcoustic Loudspeaker Series, The SL-Evolve & The Spitfire


Makes the range even more compact with endless possibilities

At Artcoustic, their product development team is always looking for innovative and ground-breaking ways to improve their products. They continually invest a huge amount of time and effort to make sure that Artcoustic delivers products at the top of their class, with regards to technological excellence and refined Danish design.

“As Artcoustic approaches its 25th year, we recognized that it was time to reassess the range. With our new rather big changes to the SL and Spitfire Series, we have managed to streamline the Artcoustic offering while maintaining the core Artcoustic DNA” says Kim Donvig, R&D and strategic development, Artcoustic

The series contained several duplicates of effectively the same products. They have now created 2 distinct ranges to improve the navigation and selection of the speaker range:

● Artcoustic SL Evolve

● Artcoustic Spitfire          


At Artcoustic, combining cinema-quality performance with high-end design for everyday living is key. This range is uniquely designed to be scalable, delivering the ultimate cinematic sound experience from the smallest snug to the largest living space. With this in mind, Artcoustic proudly introduces its brand new SL Evolve series. The SL Evolve series is a Time Aligned Array (ETAA), which utilizes a unique and precisely designed solution for dealing with comb filtering and high-frequency array phase overlap.

Artcoustic Evolve 6-3

All in all, the ETAA delivers incredible detail and airy sound which typical high-end HIFI speakers only offer at short distances. The Artcoustic ETAA delivers above and beyond providing a throw distance of well beyond 40 meters making this product a natural evolution within the Artcoustic portfolio. The design has been optimized in a way that allows the Evolve loudspeakers to achieve a near-perfect response curve, without compromising on any of the existing high-end features including extreme sound pressure levels, high sensitivity, extended frequency response, controlled directivity, exceptional speed, and incredible transient response. All in a beautiful Danish design.


The new Spitfire A4 and A6 models are uniquely designed to be modular, enabling a complete, scalable design for any cinema room. Together with a line-up of band-pass subwoofers, the Spitfire series delivers a consistent extraordinary cinematic experience. With the Spitfire A4 and A6 combined into large line arrays, create an incredibly dynamic soundstage, and by carefully angling the component parts, phase issues and comb filtering is all but eliminated, with a controlled dispersion over the entire audience. With the Spitfire A4 and A6, users can build the arrays to any scale Cinema. 

Artcoustic Spitfire Cinema

There are no cheap seats in a well-designed Artcoustic Spitfire Cinema – each seat will be within the highly controlled dispersion pattern – with the line array delivering a more consistent sound pressure level much further down the room than is possible with a point source design. The new Artcoustic Spitfire Series provides consumers with the most flexible, powerful, and precise cinema speaker they’ve ever produced.

“Our aim has always been to create a high-quality, honest, and true sound whilst still achieving the aesthetic look of our products. Streamlining of our range to be even more optimal and logic is a groundbreaking change”says Patricia Ljungberg CEO & Co-Founder.

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*The title of each photo indicates the product and whether it’s the SL Evolve or the Spitfire Series.

**For using the Spitfire cinema photo, it’s necessary to credit the dealer – “Jooced” in the UK – apart from Artcoustic.

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