Umbra’s New LED Smart Lamps Powered by Nanoleaf

Umbra's New LED Smart Lamps Powered by Nanoleaf
Umbra's New LED Smart Lamps Powered by Nanoleaf

Elevate your living space with the latest innovation in smart home lighting—Umbra’s new LED Smart Lamps powered by Nanoleaf. Seamlessly blending aesthetics with advanced technology, these lamps are transformative, offering a spectrum of possibilities to enhance your environment.

These lamps redefine illumination with dynamic light control. Dim them, change the warmth, or alter the color of their glow effortlessly with a simple touch or through the Nanoleaf App. Enjoy the freedom to customize your lighting experience from anywhere in your home using Bluetooth connectivity.

Enabled by Matter and Thread, these lamps usher in a new era of connectivity, ensuring a seamless integration into your smart home ecosystem. The CONO and CUP Lamps support Matter technology, allowing for seamless pairing with smartphones and tablets. This wireless functionality empowers you to control the lamps effortlessly, bringing a new level of convenience to your daily life.

For those seeking an even greater degree of customization, connect the LED Smart Lamps to a Matter-compatible smart home hub. This integration expands the possibilities, allowing you to sync your lighting with other smart home devices and create a truly interconnected living environment.

Umbra, known for avant-garde design, and Nanoleaf, a pioneer in smart lighting solutions, have joined forces to bring you a collection of LED Smart Lamps that seamlessly integrate into your modern living space. These lamps not only illuminate but also elevate your surroundings with a perfect fusion of form and function.

Step into the future of lighting with Umbra’s LED Smart Lamps powered by Nanoleaf. Embrace the convenience of smart connectivity, the elegance of contemporary design, and the limitless possibilities of customizable illumination. Redefine your living space, one light at a time.

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