VSSL adopts new BMR driver technology in their SX Soundbars and SX Speakers

VSSL adopts new BMR driver technology in their SX Soundbars and SX Speakers.
VSSL adopts new BMR driver technology in their SX Soundbars and SX Speakers.

Trevor Woodbury, Vice President of Sales & Business Development Soundvision Technologies shares the company’s vision and their flagship brand. Trevor provides invaluable insights on VSSL’s cutting-edge audio products, their commitment to simplifying multi-room sound, and the extraordinary experiences they bring to homes and businesses. 

VSSL specializes in audio products that streamline multi-room sound experiences. With a focus on user-friendly design, their amplifiers and audio distribution systems seamlessly integrate with existing setups and smart home systems. Whether for residential or commercial use, VSSL products offer high-quality streaming from various sources and support multi-zone audio. They’re known for their effortless integration with leading control systems, making audio management a breeze. VSSL’s commitment to simplicity and innovation has made them a respected name in the industry, continuously enhancing their product range to meet evolving audio and integration needs.

How has VSSL evolved and achieved success over the years?

VSSL has continued to grow over the years and I believe that this is largely due to our focus on the CI channel.  Professional A/V installers and integrators have helped us and continue to help us shape our future from a product and solution standpoint.  

In the highly competitive audio market, what sets VSSL apart from its competitors?

One of the things that sets VSSL apart from our competitors to an A/V professional is the ability to make some money in an overall saturated and slim margin category.  We’ve been able to hit retail price points that compete with the major competitors, while opening up more margin for the installer to make.    

What is the standout feature of VSSL’s amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers that makes them unique?

I believe the feature that makes VSSL the most unique is the simplicity in its functionality.  Because we do not use a third-party application to stream all of the user’s music, it is truly the easiest way in which to stream multi-zone audio through a home or project.  The user is able to use the same music streaming application that they already know and love and are familiar with.  This way, users require virtually zero training from their installer/AV professional. 

Could you specify the market segments that VSSL caters to, such as residential, commercial, etc.?

VSSL was created with the residential space in mind, although there are plenty of great commercial applications as well.  We see the VSSL products utilised in hotels, bars, gyms, etc.  With its ability to start a stream from any device, the possibilities are endless! 

Tell us about the recently launched 5.1 Ch Wireless HT set?

The new SX Series of products are the latest products to join the VSSL family.  These have been a long time in the making and we could not be more excited to have them!  The SX Series consists of a three channel soundbar, free standing subwoofer, and a free-standing speaker.  These speakers can be used separately or paired together to create a 5.1 surround sound environment.  This makes it a perfect option for anyone looking to upgrade their TV audio and add an additional layer of immersion into their overall entertainment experience.  

Can you provide information about the SX Series for our professional readers?

Our SX soundbar as well as our SX speaker are both utilising a newer driver technology called BMR drivers.  BMR stands for Balanced Mode Radiators and, in short, they allow for a wider physical range of listening while providing the same listening experience for everyone in the room.  Basically, it widens your listening “Sweet Spot” in order to give the best experience possible, no matter where you are seated.  We decided to put more investment into our LCR drivers in the soundbar and stand-alone speaker by using this technology.  The SX subwoofer is truly one-of-a-kind.  It can be placed in narrow spaces, underneath furniture such as beds, couches, tables, etc.  It looks very unique and our goal was to create something that not only sounds and performs amazing, but also can serve as a statement piece that a homeowner could show off to friends and family.  If it doesn’t meet the interior design needs, it can easily be hidden so as to not take away from the aesthetics of a room.  We also added an LFE input to the subwoofer so it can be used apart from the VSSL system and be added to an existing AVR or surround sound setting – basically anywhere that someone would want to add some incredible bass!

Could you share details about VSSL’s amplifier range, including the A.1X, A.3X, and A.6X?

The A.1x is our single zone amplified streaming solution.  It can be used as a solo piece to power and play music to a couple of architectural speakers, or it can be paired to TV in order to play TV audio to a soundbar or set of in-ceiling speakers.  The A.3x is a 1u, single chasis that basically has three A.1x’s, or three zones, built in.  This piece is rack mountable and makes for a very clean way to have multiple zones of audio in a single project.  The A.6x is a slightly larger, six zone single chasis that is also rack mountable.  Each of these units can be used together, in any configuration, to give a user or installer the desired amount of audio zones on a project.  Each channel of audio provides about 50 watts of clean power @ 8ohms.  One unit to give you all of the streaming capabilities and power that you want!

Are VSSL products compatible with or support other brands, and if so, which brands?

We have created several drivers to help VSSL be compatible with larger control systems including: Control 4, Crestron and Crestron Home.  We are working on more drivers as we go and some of the ones to come are:  Elan, RTI, URC.  Please let your VSSL representative know if there are any other brands that you would like to see VSSL better integrate with.  We are always open to suggestions and we pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers.

What new products can we anticipate from VSSL in the upcoming years?   

We are currently working on new versions of the single zone solution, including a higher-powered A.1x (120+ watts per channel 8 ohm) as well as a completely passive version that is a streamer only.  Both of these units will be built with HDMI ARC/eARC and will also allow for the digitization of audio from a TV to all of the other VSSL zones on a project.

What are VSSL’s future business and expansion plans for the Indian market, and do you plan to introduce new product categories?

We have partnered with EMI in India to help us expand and build that market.  We believe they are the best fit for what we are trying to accomplish with the VSSL brand in the Indian market and with their years of expertise, we are very excited to see things progress!  You can absolutely count on VSSL stepping into some new product categories in the future and EMI will be fundamental in helping us navigate that!

Regarding pricing, how does VSSL’s product range compare to other brands in the Indian market?

I believe we are similar to the US and other markets in that we are priced very competitively from a retail value but we offer a higher margin percentage across the board.  You can contact Aarun for more details on Email:[email protected] or 

Contact Details: 91 7350657400

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