Apple announces up-gradation of HomePod Mini at WWDC 2021

Apple announces up-gradation of HomePod Mini at WWDC 2021
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The newly added feature of Apple’s HomePod Mini aims to make your home cinema experience more enticing than ever before. WWDC 2021, which took place on 7th June, made multiple spectacular announcements. These include the idea of bringing changes to iPhone and iPad software, that is capable of making your daily life easier and more intuitive. HomePod Mini will be now compatible with Apple TV 4K. Hence, while watching content on Apple’s premium streaming service, one or two of the small speakers can be used to fill your room with an off-the-cuff surround sound system. Previously, this feature was only available in the currently-discontinued standard-size HomePod, but now the latest version has adopted this functionality.

Also, it provides a premium streaming experience that fits impeccably in the manufacturer’s existing ecosystem while offering unparalleled audio-visual performance and supporting Apple Music’s upcoming lossless audio quality. Most of the announcements at WWDC will continue to focus on changes made to the company’s major operating systems, especially iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS. 

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