Aqara Introduces Its First Thread Devices For HomeKit At CES 2022

At CES 2022, smart home accessory maker Aqara has unveiled two new sensors that offer Thread support. The new Thread-based Door and Window Sensor and Motion Sensor are slated to ship in the second half of 2022. The new Thread products from Aqara are designed to provide consumers with improved connected home experiences with higher compatibility, reliability, power efficiency, and security.

 Aqara has also reiterated its commitment to adopt the Matter smart home standard, stating that it will bring Matter support to its existing Zigbee-based products by pushing an over-the-air update to Aqara hubs such as the Aqara Hub M2 and M1S.

This update will expose Aqara’s hub-connected accessories to Matter, allowing them to connect with other Matter-compatible third-party devices and enabling users to keep their existing setup intact. The new Thread-based product lineup from Aqara provides users with one more option to enter the Matter ecosystem. As one of the pillar connectivity technologies for Matter, Thread enables IoT devices to connect natively to Matter.

Thread is a low-power, hub-free wireless mesh networking protocol built for the Internet of Things. Similar to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Thread allows the smart home accessories to communicate with the internet, apps, or each other, giving consumers convenient controls and the ability to automate their homes over an IP-based network.

One of the best parts of Thread is its ability to “self-heal.” Instead of every device communicating directly with a mobile device or Wi-Fi router, Thread accessories relay commands and data through each other and can automatically reroute if one device happens to fall off of the network.

Matter is a smart home connectivity standard backed by the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon, and other big names in tech. It is designed to increase interoperability between smart home devices across platforms and it is built to work on top of technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and Thread.

About Aqara

Aqara's vision is to provide customers with comprehensive smart home products and solutions that are beautifully designed, affordable, and easy to use. Aqara is committed to bringing energy-efficient solutions to customers and our products have extremely low energy consumption. Their product design is simple and sleek, followed by a “less is more” design philosophy. To serve as many customers as possible, Aqara products support all major platforms including Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Mi Home. To know more please visit .

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