Godrej Unveils ‘Spotlight’ Home Cameras

Godrej unveils Spotlight’ home cameras

Godrej, headquartered in Mumbai, has recently launched ‘Spotlight’, a range of home camera security systems backed with cutting-edge technology. Data security is the primary highlight of the product. With its flex-neck design, the Spotlight series of home camera products enable the users to opt for a fixed frame. According to the company, the product range leverage Amazon Web Services (AWA), premiere cloud infrastructure comprising on-shore data centres in India, along with Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, and security services for user-friendly cloud storage options, and secure data transfer between the camera and the cloud. As per Godrej, it has witnessed a 40 percent increase in home camera demand due to the compulsion of staying away from loved ones, amidst the pandemic. 

The Wi-Fi-enabled Spotlight series can be accessed through a mobile app available on Apple and Google Play stores. To ensure the system’s security, the company mentions that video captured by the camera is securely streamed via Amazon Kinesis Video Streams to a customer’s registered mobile device. The feed captured by the cameras is securely stored using AES 256-bit encryption in the AWS (Asia Pacific) Mumbai Region to make sure that the solution complies with local data privacy and localization requirements.

“As connected devices are becoming increasingly popular across Indian households, the potential impact of security breaches has also increased. In response to this, we have introduced the Spotlight range of home cameras, that assures easy-to-use surveillance and the ability to constantly stay connected to your loved ones without fearing the possibility of someone spying on your home. Moreover, with proven cloud technology from AWS, we can address stringent data security challenges”, states Mehernosh Pithawalla, Vice President, Godrej Security Solutions.

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