Hero Electronix boasts about its first-of-its-kind Qubo Video Doorbell

Hero Electronix boasts about its first-of-its-kind Qubo Video Doorbell
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Hero Electronix of the Hero Group Company unveils Qubo Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, a new-age product that promises to always keep you connected with your main door irrespective of where you are. It has certain features that make it unique among the other products of this category. Hero Electrolux entered the industry in late 2019 by launching Qubo and soon captured the market turning into one of the fastest-growing brands in the smart home devices category. It has acquired a consumer base across 1000+ pin codes across the country with the most advanced AI Platforms, state-of-the-art designs and dedicated customer support.

Besides innovative video surveillance and security devices, the company now offers Qubo Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, which works as a full HD AI security camera and allows you to do a quick video call with the visitors before you unlock the door assuredly.

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With a sleek and customizable design, the product is ideal for all Indian households ranging from small and large apartments to villas. The full HD security camera powered with AI continuously records person or motion even when the doorbell is not pressed. The in-build alarm ensures safety against intrusion. The product is suitable for all entrance types owing to the IP 65 water-resistant rating it holds. A wide range of chime tunes is offered to the users to choose from. The DND mode can be customized to get a more personalized experience. Also, it features a wide view vertical lens and multiple mounting options to capture the visitors more accurately. The Qubo Video Doorbell can be paired with Alexa and Google that makes the monitoring part possible on the big screens of smart TVs. The company has also built an installation network to support the product.

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