Hogar Controls sets a strong foothold in the Home Automation Sector with the launch of the all-new Elite Series.

Hogar Controls, a global IoT company with a design-first approach and delivering robust solutions for smart homes, has launched an all-new range of Smart Touch Panels, World-class Controllers, Digital Door Locks, and Smart Curtain Motors in the Indian market. The US-based company, which set up its assembling unit in Hyderabad in 2019, started the complete manufacturing process in India in April 2022. The company is committed to the Indian market and is now in the process of manufacturing custom-designed products for the Indian market. It uses cutting-edge technology and design thinking to make a wide range of new, easy-to-use, and stylish products for homeowners, retailers, and professional integrators.

Hogar Controls is focused on building an omnichannel business in the home automation market. They have inaugurated its first exclusive Hogar Controls Experience Centre in Delhi. The experience centre houses a highly curated range of smart home products and solutions and offers the customers a first-hand experience of smart home living under one roof. The massive store that spans an area of 6000 sq. feet was inaugurated by Mr. Hemant Sud, Chairman – IIID Delhi Chapter, yesterday, in the presence of leading architects and interior designers.

Mr. Vishnu Reddy, CEO – Hogar Controls, said, “As the impact of the IoT is already evident in every consumer’s home, we at Hogar Controls intend to redefine connected living with our core smart home offerings. Our first Hogar Controls experience centre in Delhi is a one-stop-shop solution for architects, interior designers, and contemporary consumers who are increasingly shifting to smart homes. As we aim to expand operations across India, we will very soon launch our experience centres in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. “

Mr. Jaspreet Singh Bhatia, Vice President – Hogar Controls, said, “In addition to our existing premium range of products that primarily appeal to the HNI community, our all-new Hogar Elite range of products and solutions cater to the larger market and are tailor-made keeping in mind the needs of the end consumers. Our products also feature a complete retrofit design that allows for simple installation into any existing switchboard without the need for additional wiring or remodelling. We are the only company that has a full range of retrofit and wireless smart home automation and security solutions all under one roof.”

Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Touch Panels

With a design-first approach and as a part of holistic smart home solutions, Hogar’s touch panel series includes product variants under the Prima and Prima+ series. The company, which has so far focused on catering to the HNI community and hospitality sector with high-end smart touch panels that work on Z-Wave technology, has now introduced a new Wi-Fi-enabled product variant under the Prima series. Retaining its premium look and build quality of the products, the company has launched the new Wi-Fi variant, primarily targeting builders and the upper-middle/middle-class segment. The Wi-Fi series smart touch panels are compatible with any smartphone and voice-controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant on supported devices via sensors. The smart touch panels are heat, humidity, and shockproof and come with three and six smart touch panels, which have options like light dimming, fan controller, and curtain control, and can further be customised as per the user’s needs.

World-class Smart Controllers

Hogar Controls intends to redefine connected living with the launch of their next generation of world-class Smart Controllers – (1) Smart Hub and (2) Smart Mini Hub. Both devices help in setting up seamless connectivity and faster processing amongst all the smart devices. The Smart Hubs are configured for either a local network or to the cloud, and allow the user to operate all connected devices via the Hogar Pro App. While the Smart Hub can connect over 232 Z-Wave devices, the Smart Mini Hub connects up to 60 Z-Wave devices.

Digital Door Locks

Hogar Controls’ all-new Smart Indoor Locks are enabled with multi-unlocking modules that include fingerprint, password, physical key, app unlock, and card access. While the door lock modules are waterproof, moisture-proof, and mildew-proof, high and low temperature, vibration, and ageing tests are thoroughly conducted to make the product adapt to any harsh environment. The combined unlocking and double function feature strengthens the security level of the lock and makes the door highly secure. 

Smart Curtain Motors

The smart curtain motors VEIL can be installed, configured, and included in your smart home ecosystem in just 2 minutes. The new built-in automation control feature adds to the plug-and-play and lets the user control and schedule the curtains and blinds with predefined auto modes, supporting different lengths and to the scale of 75%, 50%, and 25% through the Hogar SE App. These motors can also be used standalone, without any separate automation system, and can be controlled via voice through Google and Alexa. The uniquely designed, efficient motors offer high and balanced torque for smooth movement and operate almost at negligible noise levels, thus making the Hogar Smart Curtain range the best-in-class in its category.

The most distinguishing feature of all Hogar Solutions is that they operate on a single ecosystem and application.

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