IFA 2022: Samsung Shares Its Vision for a Smarter Life and a Sustainable Future

    IFA 2022 Samsung Shares Its Vision for a Smarter Life and a Sustainable Future
    Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President for Samsung Europe, delivering an opening speech at the IFA 2022 press conference.

    Samsung Electronics demonstrated its vision for a smarter life and a sustainable future. During its IFA 2022 press conference, the company highlighted its revamped SmartThings, which unlocks new possibilities for connectivity, customizability, and sustainability across Samsung’s product categories.

    The keynote showcased Samsung’s latest advancements in home appliances, TV, display, mobile, and wearable technology: an ecosystem of devices intelligently connected to protect the environment, support healthier lifestyles, and make every day more fun and entertaining.

    A New Frontier of Connected Living With SmartThings

    Samsung has integrated SmartThings across its product categories, creating an inclusive ecosystem and an unmatched multi-device experience that enables users to control and transform their environment as they wish. SmartThings empowers consumers to get the most out of their Samsung devices and third-party products they may already own.

    This simplifies and opens up options for connectivity. It also creates more possibilities for users to tailor their device experiences, encouraging them to find new ways to enjoy their products. By allowing you to live every day in the most efficient, productive, and comfortable forms, SmartThings gives you more time to focus on what matters to you most.

    “Through our latest innovations, Samsung is providing more open, more connected, and smarter experiences for everyone,” said Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Europe. “We continue our mission to bring game-changing solutions to support your lifestyle and offer new ways to be entertained, all while challenging how we can look after our planet.”

    Helping Consumers Live More Sustainably

    To create the ultimate sustainable home experience and become the No. 1 energy efficiency brand, Samsung combines SmartThings-based connectivity with the energy efficiency built into its home appliance products. Customers are empowered to make eco-conscious decisions with the help of SmartThings Energy, which monitors usage patterns and provides real-time data, making it easier for users to understand how they are consuming energy.

    By 2023, 100% of Samsung’s major home appliances will be Wi-Fi enabled and offer the SmartThings Energy service by default, allowing consumers to reduce energy usage continuously. Moreover, Samsung appliances will surpass the current highest energy rating to deliver an extra 10% energy savings.

    By using the sustainable solutions recommended by SmartThings Energy and implementing them through the help of intuitive features like AI Energy Mode, customers can take steps towards lowering consumption at home by switching compatible smart appliances to energy-saving mode.

     Tanya Weller, Marketing Manager, Digital Appliances for Samsung U.K., delivering a session speech at the IFA 2022 press conference.

    The Bespoke AI Washer offers AI Ecobubble, which turns detergent into bubbles that quickly get absorbed into the laundry. This delivers the same level of cleanliness while reducing energy usage by up to 70%. Users can also reduce energy waste with the AI Wash Cycle, which identifies optimal levels of water and detergent and then adjusts soaking, rinsing, and spinning times.

    The Digital Inverter Motor in washers and dryers, as well as the Digital Invertor Compressor in refrigerators, are covered for 20 years by the most comprehensive warranty Samsung has offered yet, to assure customers that their appliances won’t need replacing any time soon.

    For more sustainable entertainment, Samsung introduced the SolarCell Remote, which charges by exposure to light and radio frequencies from devices like Wi-Fi routers. Samsung estimates that over seven years, the company could prevent more than 200 million batteries from entering landfills. This year, Samsung is opening up the licence for this design to the public so that other manufacturers can be more sustainable.

    Samsung is also contributing to a cleaner environment by repurposing ocean-bound plastics. The company is repurposing discarded fishing nets, using them to create new material for use in mobile products, including the Galaxy Z Flip4, Z Fold4 and Buds2 Pro. By 2022, Samsung could prevent more than 50 tonnes of plastic from entering the world’s oceans.

    Samsung is also aiming to create net-zero homes across Europe through various partnerships. With Qcells, the company is exploring ways to harness solar energy. Samsung will connect more solar panels to SmartThings Energy with SMA, the leading residential inverter brand in the EU. Samsung is also working with major building, home automation, and EV charger manufacturers such as ABB.

    Supporting Your Wellness Everywhere

    Samsung’s dedication to healthy living is reflected in its broad range of connected devices that focus on well-being. From air quality control to healthier cooking and even pet care, SmartThings offers many ways to look after the health of everyone in your home.

    SmartThings Home Life centralises all existing SmartThings services, including SmartThings Cooking, Clothing Care, Pet Care, Air Care, and Energy, into an accessible smartphone hub. This allows customers to look after various elements of their homes from anywhere. But SmartThings is more than home appliances. It also includes Galaxy devices, such as the latest Galaxy Watch5 series.

    With Samsung’s groundbreaking BioActive sensor, Galaxy wearable devices monitor multiple aspects of your body to give you a holistic understanding of your health, whether working or working out. Users can also track their sleep quality and receive customised sleep coaching. And with SmartThings can automatically adjust device settings for a customised experience, whether before bed for a better sleep environment or during the day for optimal viewing conditions. 

    Personalised Entertainment and Gaming for All

    With SmartThings, every day is more fun. Samsung is opening up viewing and gaming possibilities for all, enabling new ways to be entertained. Customers have a broad range of viewing options, including the wall-sized MICRO LED, the large-screen Neo QLED 8K and the portable Freestyle.

    New for 2022 is Samsung’s The Frame with Matte Display, which enhances viewing experiences with reduced reflections, offering realistic picture quality regardless of lighting conditions. With the Samsung TV Plus service, viewers can easily switch from watching on the big screen to watching on the go.

    Mack Isaac, Content Creator, Gen Z Campaigns & Social Content for Samsung Europe, delivering a session speech at the IFA 2022 press conference.

    Gamers also have plenty of choices. The Odyssey Ark offers an experience like no other, thanks to the 1000R curvature that wraps around the users’ field of vision for maximum immersion. The Odyssey Neo G8 is great for serious gamers, while Smart Monitors offer flexibility for those who want to use the same display for work and play.

    In addition, the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has a screen that doubles in size on a device that still fits in your pocket: an ideal choice for gaming on the go. Samsung foldable smartphones are now mainstream, with more than twice the units shipped across Europe compared to last year. From September, Samsung is bringing the latest innovations to even more users, with the new software on the Z Fold4, Flip4 and Watch5 expanding to our previous generations.

    Greater Experiences Through Open Collaboration

    Openness and collaboration are vital elements of Samsung’s philosophy, and the company has collaborated with some of the biggest names in technology and entertainment to give consumers a unique experience.

    In 2022, Samsung launched the Gaming Hub, which offers an all-in-one platform for discovering and playing cloud games, including those on Xbox Game Pass, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, Utomik, and Amazon Luna. This opens gaming to a new crowd of potential gamers who do not own a gaming console, widening the gaming community and making the hobby more accessible.

    Samsung has also partnered with Philips Hue to provide immersive music experiences on Galaxy smartphones and tablets. When users listen to music on these devices, their Hue lights can automatically change colours or dim with SmartThings music sync.

    From movies and games to music, Samsung understands that entertainment is most exciting when it evolves. Samsung has found a new partner in TikTok, the home of the most dynamic community of content creators right now. Together, Samsung and TikTok will work to find some of the most exciting music makers creating music right now and provide unrivalled opportunities for them to build their careers in the industry.

    Through SmartThings, Samsung is not only on a mission to enhance product connectivity. The company is already enabling new experiences, healthier living, better entertainment, and more sustainable lifestyles. But that is only the beginning; along with products from 300 other brands and 230 million registered SmartThings users, the possibilities for more intelligent life are truly limitless.

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