Lutron Introduces the Diva Smart Dimmer and Claro Smart Switch

The Diva smart dimmer works with the home's existing wiring and doesn't require a neutral wire.
The Diva smart dimmer works with the home's existing wiring and doesn't require a neutral wire.

Lutron Electronics, the trusted leader in lighting control and automated shading solutions, is introducing the Diva smart dimmer and the Claro smart switch to its Caséta portfolio. The Diva smart dimmer combines the distinctive look and simple user experience of the DIVA design with the Caséta portfolio, the industry’s most connected smart lighting control system.

“Lutron’s Diva dimmer has been a favorite of homeowners and electrical professionals for over 30 years,” said Matt Swatsky, Vice-President, Residential Connected Home Business at Lutron. “We are excited to give our customers a new product that uses the DIVA design, wires virtually the same, and has the same quality that they have come to expect with the original Diva dimmer, but now, has a wireless option and connects to their smart home”.

The Diva smart dimmer offers simplicity, style, and customization.

Pictured Diva smart dimmer (left) and Claro smart switch (right)

This new product gives electrical professionals and homeowners another option to deliver the best lighting experience while complementing the existing paddle switches already in the home. The intuitive paddle design adds precise dimming control with a soft-glow light bar and preset functionality to set the perfect mood.

The Diva smart dimmer adds flexibility to complete any job. 

Like the original Diva dimmer, the new Diva smart dimmer works with the home’s existing wiring and doesn’t require a neutral wire. Added wireless connectivity offers electrical professionals and homeowners the ability to add a second “switch” almost anywhere by simply pairing the Diva smart dimmer with a Pico smart remote- saving time and money without running wires or cutting holes in walls. The Diva smart dimmer also offers additional flexibility. It can be installed in a wired 3-way application using either an existing mechanical switch or wired accessory switch.  

Add the Lutron Smart Hub to unlock control, comfort, and peace of mind

As with all Caséta products, homeowners can use the Lutron smart hub to unlock powerful smart features. Easily create customized scenes and schedules, like “Welcome Home” to ensure family members always return at sunset to a well-lit house; and “Movie time” that dims multiple lights and even closes the shades with a single button press to set the scene.

Caséta smart lighting controls provide flexibility and control beyond the wall switch, so you can set and manage your lights from virtually anywhere using the wireless remote, app, or even your voice. The Smart Hub uses its own ultra-fast, reliable network that doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi – so your lights and custom schedules will still work, even if your Wi-Fi goes down.

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