Mindspace REIT Creates a Unique Bio-Sonification Zone

Mindspace REIT Creates a Unique Bio-Sonification Zone
Mindspace REIT Creates a Unique Bio-Sonification Zone

Mindspace REIT has created a first-of-its-kind Bio-Sonification Zone in its Business Park at Mindspace, Airoli West. This zone aims to offer employees at the Business Park a genuinely transformative method for relaxation and meditation. It allows individuals to immerse themselves in the serene biorhythms of living plants, providing a tranquil escape during their midday work breaks. Through the bio-sonification technique, sounds of 15 different species of plants have been recorded and converted into relaxing soundscapes. This initiative fits in perfectly with Mindspace Business Park REIT’s larger purpose ‘to build sustainable ecosystems.

The business has invested in technology that measures variations in the conductivity of a plant, graphs those variations as a wave, and translates the wave into pitch. By routing these pitches into different sound sets, one can experience the activities of plants in the form of music. Each sound set is unique, some are relaxing, some energising and some allow for a raw expressive sound.

The music generated by the plants is further converted into QR codes, displayed on the plants for visitors to scan and listen to, anytime they visit. This project has met with enormous enthusiasm, with over 2,500 scans of the QR codes being garnered since its unveiling.

In addition to the calming effects, normalization of blood pressure levels was recorded in a group of people listening to the music generated by the plants. With the help of the in-house paramedic, blood pressure tests were conducted on employees before and after listening to the music, yielding considerable improvements.

The company said in a statement, “We are firmly committed to driving holistic value for the environment and communities, by integrating an ESG-led approach into business. The implementation of the Bio-Sonification zone at our campus is another initiative towards delivering enduring experiences and is an innovative route towards promoting health and well-being for tenants. This initiative weaves seamlessly with our larger endeavor of shaping world-class business districts while creating responsibly built, engaging, community-based ecosystems.”

A list of plants includes Aglaonema, Diffenbachia, Bird Nest Fern, Poinsettia, Philodendron, Raphis Palm, Syngonium, Song of India, Sansiveria, Sansevieria, Banyan Tree, Mango Tree, Tusli Plant, Areca Palm and Golden Bamboo.

For More Information: www.mindspacereit.com

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