Shimmer declares “Seed Funding”, worth $2M, led by VoLo Earth Ventures

Shimmer declares “Seed Funding”, worth $2M, led by VoLo Earth Ventures

A comprehensive software and firmware platform, Shimmer Industries, which automates numerous large-scale lighting projects’ development, deployment and design by decreasing a typical project lifecycle by thousands of hours, has recently announced that it is raising $2 million in seed funding, led by an early-stage VC, VoLo Earth Ventures, investing in the latest energy economy through innovative products and technologies.

Popular among the lighting designers, Stellar 3D Studio, Shimmer’s flagship product, is known for pioneering a “radical shift” in the way complex lighting systems are planned, prototyped, and deployed. A $105 billion industry, commercial lighting industry encompasses the rapidly growing smart lighting segment (18% CAGR thru 2030) pushed by a colossal upgrade cycle to meet the demand for new energy code compliance, along with smart infrastructure. Shimmer produces energy consumption models that span up to one million LEDs to ensure compliance with energy and green building regulations. It reduces energy usage by up to 85% and reduces carbon emissions simultaneously. The first Shimmer-designed commercial installation is expected to be revealed this fall at London’s iconic Southbank Tower. Other Shimmer-based projects are in the planning stage and development pipeline at leading architectural and lighting design firms worldwide.

“Shimmer redesigns light as software, connecting billions of lighting devices and providing a data platform that captures insights and helps building owners and managers cut their costs and energy consumption by up to 85% when compared to current systems”, states Kareem Dabbagh, Managing Partner, VoLo Earth Ventures.

“Our optimism about solving climate change comes from our belief in innovation. Conditions have never been clearer for backing energy breakthroughs like Shimmer that use the power of software to illuminate a sustainable future”, explains Joseph Goodman, PhD, Managing Partner, VoLo Earth Ventures.

“Our collaboration with VoLo Earth will accelerate our ability to deploy Shimmer-enabled environments at scale through the use of software automation to dramatically lower energy and operating costs. We are truly excited to be partners”, says Jean Koeppel, CEO, Shimmer.

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