Siemens upgrades Comfy with new tech features

Siemens upgrades Comfy with new tech features

Siemens has introduced a set of new features and collaboration tools to its workplace technology solution Comfy. The new features are designed to address employees’ concerns around hybrid working, such as a lack of social contact, difficulty with building and maintaining a network, and a lack of collaboration opportunities.

The new collaboration tools are part of Comfy’s ‘Flexible Spaces’ solution and help create a stronger community through a digitalized, app-based employee experience. They maximize opportunities for employee collaboration and connection by providing employees with insights on colleagues’ in-office preferences and planned visits, and enable employees to find coworkers at the office. New features include:

In-Office Preferences: Employees can set workspace locations so they can better see colleagues in the office by viewing their chosen workspace `address’ on a map within the application. They can also set and view in-office preference days to align their hybrid working schedules and maximize their office time.

Coworker Future Filter: An in-app filter allows employees to find out when relevant coworkers are coming into the office so they can plan their hybrid work schedules in advance. The filter also eases the onboarding process for new hires, by enabling new team members to find relevant coworkers’ future hybrid schedules, and meet new faces across teams and building locations. Opt-in capabilities ensure that employees have control over schedule sharing.

Coworker Delegate Booking: This feature simplifies the process of organizing meetings and booking desks or conference rooms, by allowing employees to book spaces for teammates or assign delegates for reserving space. The booking feature integrates with calendar applications to allow delegates to make space reservations.

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