The Centaurus”- Luxurious Automated Residence: Designed By Ar. Sumit Dhawan

Ar. Sumit Dhawan creates an extraordinary coalescence of luxury and minimalism called “The Centaurus”. Spanning across a 520 sq. yds footprint, the residence has been intelligently arranged in the blocked territory of New Delhi. This home manifests a rich contemporary theme, exhilarating surprise elements. The exterior facet was defined to be intricate with an international regal charm, exhibiting an intriguing vibe. The house narrates a flux where the overall interior grammar resonates a true harmonious balance. 

Ar. Sumit Dhawan, Cityspace’ 82 Architects

The Vision: As briefed by the client, the interior grammar required the project to be judiciously designed, having low maintenance with a moderate yet calming spirit. Complete privacy was a major requirement of the client as the houses in the vicinity were planned without setbacks. With a three-side development around the property, it was crucial to amalgamate exclusivity in the façade. Incorporating international standards, the project had to be done diligently as most of the houses across the area had an indigenous look and feel. Therefore, a bold façade was outlined galvanizing a material palette including wood, stone, and perforated aluminium screen.

Our Analysis

“We advised the client to opt for an out-to-out smart home automation system and other security devices that were up-to-the-minute according to the latest trends. Initially, the client was hesitant thinking that automation may complicate their lifestyle but we convinced him by educating him on the fact that if automation is used wisely, these facilities can provide the client’s family comfort and ease in the long run”, says Ar. Sumit Dhawan, Principal Architect & Founder, Cityspace’ 82 Architects. 

Project initiation

“We, at Cityspace’ 82 Architects, start every project with a comprehensive understanding of the client’s requirements, kinaesthetic, and research. My idea as the principal architect is to subsume the lifestyle and necessities of a client, getting into his shoes and designing the space like it’s my own, invoking the client’s identity through space”, says Sumit. “Anything and everything incorporated in the project is automated, from motorised gates to automated curtains, lights, and air conditioning system. We had also incorporated cameras and VTPS in the house. We were assisted in our endeavour by two Smart Homes Integrators, Shiv Prakash from Easy Homes and Jatin from Lumenatix. Both played significant roles in this project” he adds.

Cutting through the stumbling blocks

Convincing the client about the benefits of digital homes was a major challenge. Challenges were also involved on multiple levels in terms of technology where the architect had a plethora of options including Dali, 0-10V, and phase-cut. “We eventually decided to integrate all three options in different areas depending on the suitability and the functional regime. In terms of keypads, we weren’t satisfied with Lutron which was being used as the back-end brand”, says Sumit.

To resolve the issue, he chose to involve Jung instead of Lutron as it provides integrated keypad solutions where keypads, sockets, and thermostats can be integrated within a single module. “Therefore, we had to put in place an interface that could interact with the Lutron backend. All these challenges were resolved with the assistance of the automation consultants” he explains.

Final Takeaway

“The assumed opinion of the mass about automation is that it is used as a status symbol. However, I believe that if incorporated appropriately, it only makes one’s life easier and comfortable. Automation aids one to use gadgets and appliances efficiently, ultimately increasing longevity. This house has been built as a benchmark conducive to the experience and aesthetics of luxury residences. The biggest learning experience for both the firm and the client was the acceptance of automation and the execution in daily life”, concludes Sumit.

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