TUO Smart Button with Matter & Thread Support

TUO Smart Button with Matter & Thread Support
TUO Smart Button with Matter & Thread Support

TUO Accessories launched its technology-packed TUO Smart Button, redefining the experience of smart home control. It facilitates the effortless operation of various smart home accessories across multiple platforms, courtesy of Matter, an advanced technology platform managed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA).

Sam Gabbay, President of TUO Accessories, shared, “This journey into the smart home space commences with something as potent as it is simple. The launch of our first product, the TUO Smart Button, marries Thread and Matter to allow rapid control of a myriad of smart home accessories with a single button, across diverse platforms.”

The TUO Smart Button streamlines various smart device controls. Adjusting the lighting, controlling the air conditioning, or setting a favorite playlist into motion can be achieved with simple gestures – click, double-click, or long press.

In addition to its robust technical features, the TUO Smart Button presents an aesthetic blend of practicality and elegance. The integration of a metal backplate not only enhances the product’s durability and sleek design, but it also introduces a level of versatility. This backplate allows the Smart Button to be conveniently mounted on the wall magnetically, while also permitting it to remain portable, a testament to TUO’s commitment to creating high-quality, long-lasting, and versatile products.

Furthermore, each TUO Smart Button includes a unique sticker pack that lends a layer of customization to the product. Users can choose from a range of designs that symbolize the action designated to a specific button, facilitating quick identification for households with multiple buttons in use.

Compatibility with Matter paves the way for the TUO Smart Button’s easy use. The Smart Button can connect with smart home apps that support Matter, ensuring flexibility and simplicity in managing smart devices, regardless of brand.

“TUO’s Smart Button is an excellent example of a universal communication standard like Matter being used to innovate and bring product differentiation to the market,” said Chris LaPre, Head of Technology at the Connectivity Standards Alliance. “Having a controller that can initiate numerable Smart Home tasks across ecosystems without the need for a Smartphone or voice assistant adds a layer of convenience and practicality we haven’t seen before.”

With the use of Bluetooth and Thread technologies, the TUO Smart Button securely and swiftly communicates commands. The partnership with DigiCert, a notable name in digital security, validates the reliability and security of every TUO Smart Button.

“DigiCert is excited to support TUO in delivering trusted devices that provide interoperability through the Matter protocol,” said Tom Klein. “TUO offers modern and elegant home automation solutions, and we share their commitment to security and privacy for all users.”

The TUO Smart Button unites the low power consumption of Thread technology with exceptionally quick response times. This harmony presents an optimal blend of power efficiency and speed in the smart home environment.

“Consumers expect a seamless experience in their smart home, one that is easy to use, interoperable and secure,” said Sujata Neidig, VP of Marketing, Thread Group. “Through the use of Thread’s wireless networking protocol, along with Matter, TUO enables consumers to seamlessly connect devices at home, making it easier to control their smart home environment.”

At its core, the TUO Smart Button houses a chipset from Nordic Semiconductors, assuring a smooth, responsive experience.

As the inaugural offering from TUO Accessories, the TUO Smart Button sets the stage for a series of innovative solutions under development, all aimed at enhancing the intuitiveness and enjoyment of smart home usage.

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