US Firms Partner with Tuya Smart for Smart Home Push

Tuya Partners with US firms

Tuya Smart– delivers a purpose-built IoT cloud platform. It has been helping US companies to evolve their range of home entertainment, security, and communication systems for the smart home era. The China-based company has teamed up with leading home brands, suppliers, and manufacturers such as Monster, Noonlight, MOBI, and Silicon Labs to provide consumers with comprehensive smart home solutions. 

With 40 years of business under its belt, Monster has become an early adopter of IoT in home entertainment with its line of smart IoT high-performance headphones and speakers.
Similarly, Noonlight, a technology-empowered emergency response platform, has partnered with Tuya Smart to develop more powerful wireless IoT security products. Noonlight was launched as a mobile application in 2013 but has seen growth. Now it is a connected safety platform with a full suite of products and services offering affordable 24/7 professional sensor monitoring, video monitoring, and data-rich emergency response via an API.
Silicon Labs is working with Tuya Smart to build a low-power Wi-Fi platform solution for smart door locks that will extend to other smart home applications in the future. The US consumer health and home electronics provider MOBI has collaborated with Tuya Smart to build its first Smart Nursery Kit, an easy-to-use monitor for infant and child care.  All products are managed with ease through one app, empowering all caretakers to keep up with loved ones in their life.

The value of this offering goes far beyond what each partner brings to the table. The future and successes of smart homes lie in open platforms capable of bringing change, innovation, and improvements to the end consumers.

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