When AI takes care of the Mundane Chores!

artificial intelligence in smart home

No more a luxury, home automation is steadily becoming an integral part of contemporary houses, these days. The rapid advancement of technology is immensely contributing to the constantly evolving lifestyles of the new-age population. With the adoption of technologies like IoT and AI, people are now able to save a lot of time for hobbies as well as work without worrying about the mundane daily chores with a wide range of smart devices at your service. Designed to make your life simpler, these devices allow you to remotely control your home security, décor, lighting, cleaning etc when connected with a smart home hub. All connected devices can converse with each other using IoT and can think or act for themselves using AI technology. Also, they can be programmed to stick to certain rules, set as per your convenience. 

Industry giants like Apple, Google and Amazon are consistently focusing on their smart assistants which are powered by artificial intelligence(AI). The technology implies the ability to perform tasks automatically for the user. It performs tasks based on the information the framework has collected using an assortment of machine learning algorithms. Internet of Things or IoT allows devices to convey over the internet and to be controlled remotely or by voice commands. Smart home devices are mostly electrical gadgets ranging from lighting, fans, ACs, washing machines to refrigerators. In a smart home, the information is provided by IoT frameworks and the AI gains from that information to perform certain tasks, cutting down on human burden. 

In smart homes, with the help of AI, raw sensor data gets converted into a framework of behaviours, that is relevant to our regular life. The devices integrated with AI picks up the user’s routine and start predicting the actions accordingly. For example, if you are daily out of your house from 9 AM to 7 PM, it won’t turn on the AC and lights during that period and will automatically lock the door, once you step out every day. When you are cooking food in a smart over, The AI brings down the cooking temperature automatically to prevent the food from being over-cooked or burnt. Also, it informs the user that the food is perfectly cooked and it is time to take it out of the oven. Therefore, it is quite exciting to have a smart kitchen set-up owing to the benefits smart kitchen devices are offering to back your indiscreet cooking in those super-busy hours while working from home. AI can learn and anticipate the necessities of the user indeed. Not only in newly built houses, IoT and AI can also be integrated into existing non-smart devices of traditional houses. Regular switches and ACs can be converted into smart devices and can be controlled/monitored remotely through smart apps or AI dependent on cloud servers.

AI-powered robots are gaining considerable popularity these days. Worldwide, a lot of people are considering these as an interactive companion to do away with their boredom and loneliness. Robots like PARO robotic seal, also known as a “companion robot”, is designed to improve human mood and elicit emotional responses in hospital patients and other therapeutic environments. Offering more personalized services, artificial intelligence ensures an overall tranquillizing experience. 

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