Samsung Expands SmartThings Ecosystem with New Smart Home Integration.

Samsung Expands SmartThings Ecosystem with New Smart Home Integration
Samsung Expands SmartThings Ecosystem with New Smart Home Integration.

At its annual developer conference, Samsung reaffirmed its commitment to the SmartThings smart home platform, unveiling significant developments in its quest to create a unified IoT-based smart home ecosystem. Samsung announced that its latest soundbar, the HW-Q900C, is now integrated as a SmartThings hub. This integration includes support for Zigbee, Thread, and Matter protocols. This addition to the Hub Everywhere program signifies Samsung’s ongoing effort to make its smart home hubs ubiquitous, simplifying the journey for users entering the world of connected homes.

Samsung revealed that more of its existing and new TVs and smart monitors are now equipped with the complete hub experience. These devices function as Matter controllers, Thread border routers, and Zigbee bridges, reinforcing Samsung’s role as a founding member of the Matter standard. This development aims to enhance interoperability, security, and user-friendliness within the connected home.

Samsung introduced its multi-hub network, allowing users to operate multiple hubs concurrently within their homes. This innovation enhances speed and reliability and simplifies device transitions when upgrading to new TVs or soundbars. This approach is set to boost the robustness of smart homes and minimize disruptions.

Samsung also launched a new developer portal and smart home APIs designed to facilitate the integration of SmartThings devices and services into third-party applications. This move opens doors for manufacturers to seamlessly incorporate SmartThings into their products and expand the ecosystem.

Samsung unveiled new integrations with Aqara devices, further expanding the range of compatible smart home accessories within the SmartThings ecosystem. Samsung showcased its map-based SmartThings user interface for smart home control, which is finally coming to smartphones. This user-friendly interface promises to simplify device management and enhance the overall user experience.

Samsung has integrated SmartThings hubs into various devices around the home, including Smart TVs, Family Hub fridges, soundbars, and monitors. This integration, powered by software-based hubs and built-in hardware modules, streamlines device control and connectivity.

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