Google Home is Recruiting Testers

Google Home is Recruiting Testers
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Google rolled out an update for the Google Home app with a redesigned home tab earlier this year. The new home tab layout made it easier for users to control their connected smartphone devices, but it doesn’t seem like Google is done redesigning the app. The company is reportedly working on a “next generation design of the Google Home app,” and it’s currently looking for testers to take it for a spin ahead of its final release.

According to a recent post on Reddit (via 9to5Google), the Google Nest Trusted Tester program is taking Cerntercode’s help to recruit “a group of highly engaged testers that are willing to help Google Nest test an unreleased product.” The recruitment page states that the testing program “will focus on the next generation design of the Google Home App.” Although the page doesn’t reveal any information about this next generation design, it adds that testers who enroll in the program must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

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The recruitment page further highlights a set of requirements for willing participants. Testers applying for the program are required to have a Google Nest product, including thermostats, networking devices, speakers, displays, cameras, doorbells, locks, Nest Protect (smoke alarms), or Chromecasts. In addition, they must also use “either the Google Home app or the Nest app” to control these products.

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